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Popular Items

Lamb Rogan Josh (Medium)
Diced lamb cooked in onion gravy.
Butter Chicken
Chicken tikka cooked in tomato and cream sauce.
Saffron Rice (Large)$13.90

Tandoor “The Great Indian Barbecue”

From our classic charcoal fired clay oven.
Fresh Mushrooms(Entree)
Woodland mushrooms marinated in the traditional yogurt-based sauce.
Tandoori Gobi (Entree)
Marinated and cooked in tandoor cauliflower.
Chicken Tikka (Entree)
Boneless chicken pieces
Seekh-Kebab (Entree)
Finely minced lamb kebab.
Tandoori Chicken (Full)
A world-renowned dish.
Fish Tikka (Entree)
Lightly spiced and marinated rockling fish.
Tandoori Gourmet Mixed Platter
Mixture of tandoori items.


Achar Chutney (Each)
Mango, mint, tamarind, mixed pickle.
Pappadam (4 Pcs.)
Tandoor baked crispy thin lentil crackers.
Mixed Raita
Vegetarian. Cucumber and carrot mixed with yogurt and spices.
Vegetarian. Indian salad with dressing.


All gluten free except samosa.
Vegetable Samosa (2 Pcs.)
Vegetarian. Triangular pastry filled with lightly spiced potatoes and peas.
Pakora Mix Flavour (4 Pcs.)
Vegetarian. Spinach, potato and onion fritters.
Onion Bhaji (4 Pcs.)
Vegetarian. Onion fritters made with a lentil batter.
Sikandari Raan (Entree)
Vegetarian. Tender lamb pieces marinated in a dash of rum and Kashmiri spices, pan-fried.

Vegetarian Menu

Mixed Vegetable in Pot
Vegetarian. Spicy. Vegetables cooked with fresh herbs and spices.
Pumpkin Masala
Vegetarian. Pumpkin gently cooked in vegetable gravy.
Aloo Matter
Vegetarian. Potato and peas cooked in onion and tomato sauce.
Dal Tadka in Pot
Vegetarian. Yellow lentils simmered with herbs.
Malai Kofta
Vegetarian. Cheese and potato balls prepared in a creamy sauce.
Eggplant Aloo
Vegetarian. Eggplant and potatoes cooked in onion sauce.
Khumb Mattar
Vegetarian. Spicy. Mushroom and peas cooked in a lightly spiced sauce.
Aloo Palak
Vegetarian. Potato cooked in spinach based sauce.
Dal Makhani in Pot
Potato Curry
Vegetarian. Potato cooked with onions, tomatoes, and garlic.
Palak Paneer
Vegetarian. Cottage cheese cooked in the spinach purée.
Mixed Vegetable Korma
Vegetarian. Vegetables cooked with creamy cashew sauce.
Paneer Mushroom Sabji
Vegetarian. Cottage cheese, fresh mushrooms, and peas curry.
Kadai Paneer
Vegetarian. Cottage cheese variety.
Paneer Tikka Masala
Vegetarian. Cottage cheese variety with capsicum and onions.
Shahi Paneer
Vegetarian. Muglai dish, cottage cheese cubes cooked in sinfully rich cashew, almond, pistachio cream sauce with garlic and lemon.
Chilli Paneer (Indo-Chinese Style)
Vegetarian. Fresh marinated cottage cheese tossed with capsicum and onion in homemade chili sauce.
Mutter Paneer
Vegetarian. North Indian delicacy of fresh green peas and cottage cheese cooked in tomato gravy and garnished with freshly chopped coriander.


Butter Chicken (Chicken)$27.90
Chicken Vindaloo (Spicy)
A spicy Indian speciality of boneless pieces of chicken cooked with vinegar and hot chilli
Murg Milan- Signature Dish
Boneless chicken cooked to perfection in clay pot and mixed with fresh mushrooms in spicy gravy, delicately finished with fresh herbs Real Taste of India.
Chicken Korma
Chicken pieces prepared in cashew nut-based sauce.
Chicken Saag
Boneless chicken cooked with fresh creamy spinach sauce, topped with cream and ginger.
Chicken Curry
Homestyle chicken curry.
Chicken Kali Mirch - Signature Dish (Medium)
Black pepper chicken.
Dhaniya Chicken - Signature Dish (Medium)
Fresh coriander and herbs chicken curried.
Kadhai Chicken
North Indian dish cooked with succulent pieces of chicken stir-fried in a wok with onion, tomatoes, bell pepper, and spices.
Chilly Chicken (Dry)
Tender bites of chicken marinated in soy sauce, batter fried and tossed in a wok with onions and capsicum. An irresistible Indo-Chinese favorite.
Mango Chicken
Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in an exciting mild cream sauce with nuts and sultanas.


Lamb Rogan Josh (Medium) (Lamb)$27.90
Lamb Saag
Diced lamb cooked with fresh spinach tempered with cumin seeds. Garnished with fresh ginger and cream.
Lamb Vindaloo
A spicy Indian speciality of boneless pieces of lamb cooked with vinegar and hot chilli.
Lamb Dalcha
Succulent lamb pieces slowly cooked with tomato in yellow dal (lentil) gravy.
Lamb Masala
Boneless diced lamb cooked in mustard & curry leaves and fiery in a sauce with coconut cream in a South Indian style flavour.
Lamb Madras
Succulent lamb pieces superbly combined in onion gravy, curry leaves, coconut milk and south Indian spices.
Lamb Korma (Mild)
Tender pieces of spring lamb prepared in cashew nut gravy with a touch of pistachio.
Lamb-Do-Piaza (Medium)
Tomato and onion based gravy.
Lamb Bhoona (Medium)
Sautéed tomato, and spring onion.
Keema Baigan
Mince Lamb and eggplant cooked slowly to perfection. Flavored with cardamom, ginger, and coriander.
Goat Curry$31.90
Lamb Shanks
A recipe from the last days of British India.


Village Style Beef Curry - Signature Dish
Traditional curry cooked in clay pot home style. Flavor of India.
Beef Masala
Premium diced beef prepared with capsicum and onions, spiced with warm spices. Garnished with fresh tomato and coriander.
Beef Korma
Diced beef prepared in coconut and cashew nut based sauce. Topped with coconut.
Beef Madras
Succulent Beef pieces superbly combined in onion gravy, curry leaves, coconut milk and south Indian spices.
Beef Vindaloo
A spicy Indian speciality of boneless pieces of Beef cooked with vinegar and hot chilli.
Beef Saag
Diced Beef cooked with fresh spinach tempered with cumin seeds. Garnished with fresh ginger and cream.
Beef Bhoona
Succulent cubes of beef flavoured with ground spices and cooked with onion and capsicum. A classic Indian recipe.
Beef Mushroom
Beef cooked with fresh mushrooms.
Chilli Beef (Hot)
Spicy. Spicy beef cooked with dry chili and capsicum.


Goan Green Fish - Signature Dish (Hot)
Spicy mint yogurt base with green chili.
Prawn Curry
The unique curry sauce flavored with mustard seeds, curry leaves, dominated with coconut flavor.
Fish Bengal Masala (Mild)
Simmered with tomatoes, capsicum, and eggplant.
Kerala Fish Curry (Mild)
Coconut based South Indian costal specialty.
Prawn Masala (Medium)
Prawn cooked with fresh tomato and capsicum.
Prawn Malai
Prawns cooked in mild coconut sauce.
Prawn Vindaloo (Hot)
Hot goan specialty.
Garlic Chilli Prawns
Prawns tempered with garlic, five-spice, red chilies and vinegar in a curry sauce.


Saffron Rice (Large) (Rice)$13.90
Fresh Vegetable Biryani
Fresh mixed vegetables cooked with basmati rice over a slow fire with herbs & spices, South Indian style.
Prawn Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with prawn garnished with coconut.
Lamb Biryani
Tender pieces of lamb cooked with basmati rice over a slow fire with mint, nuts & spices, Lucknow style.
Chicken Biryani
Tender chicken pieces cooked with basmati rice over a slow fire with nuts & spices, Hyderabad style.
Vegetarian Fried Rice$23.90
Coconut Rice
Coconut, mustard seeds, and curry leaves.
Peas Pulao
Green peas and herbs.
Kashmir Pulao
Assorted fruits and nuts.
Lemon Rice$17.90
Vegetable Chawal
Vegetarian. Rice cooked with non-curried mixed vegetables.
Chicken Fried Rice$23.90

Naan “Indian Bread” with Gluten

Leavened bread of the north-west indian subcontinent, from our classic charcoal fired clay oven.
Plain Butter Naan$6.90
Kashmiri Naan
Naan filled with dry fruits, nuts & Coconut. A Kashmir delight.
Paneer Naan
Naan stuffed with Home made cottage cheese and chopped coriander.
Keema Naan
Naan stuffed with lightly spiced minced lamb.
Masala Kulcha
Plain flour bread filled with potatoes, onions, green peas, paneer, coriander and baked in tandoor.
Kadak Roti
Crispy butter free Indian bread.
Garlic Naan
Butter naan baked with fresh garlic.
Kadak Naan
Crispy butter free naan.
A whole meal unleavened bread.
Wholemeal bread layered with butter.
Milan Gourment Naan
Stuffed with spicy chicken tikka, fresh coriander, green chilies, and chopped onions.


Gluten free except gulab jamun.
Gulab Jamun
Full cream milk dumplings, lightly fried and soaked in rose water, sugar syrup.
Kulfi (Pistachio)
Indian ice cream prepared with mild and nuts blended with cream.
Mango Kulfi
Mango Ice cream with cashewnuts.


Lemon Squash$6.90
Coke (Can)$6.90
Coke Zero$6.90
Mango Lassi$10.90
Sparkling Water (750ml)$7.90

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