Milky Bun Menu Prices Australia

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Beef, cheese, lettuce, pickles and burger sauce.
Double Bacon Burger
Beef, bacon, lettuce, onions, BBQ sauce and aioli.
Mushroom Beef Burger
Beef, cheese, grilled mushrooms, lettuce, onions, bush tomato chutney and aioli.
Godfather Burger
Beef, cheese, grilled onions, bacon, ham, salami and BBQ sauce.
Chicken Deluxe Burger
Grilled chicken breast, cheese, bacon, avocado, lettuce, onions, tomato relish and aioli.
Aussie Aussie Burger
Southern fried chicken, cheese, bacon, egg, lettuce, beetroot, onions, BBQ sauce and southern herb mayonnaise.
Big Boss Burger
Double southern fried chicken, double cheese, bacon, onion rings, chipotle mayonnaise and BBQ sauce.
Big Vic Burger
Beef, cheese, bacon, egg, lettuce, pineapple, onion, beetroot, ketchup and southern herb aioli.
Hot Potato Burger
Spicy. Fried potato patty, cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, bush tomato chutney and peri mayonnaise.
New York Burger
Double beef, double cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, ketchup and American mustard.
Southern Cheeseburger
Southern fried chicken, cheese, lettuce and southern herb aioli.
Southwest Veggie Burger
Fried potato patty, cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, roasted capsicum and Southwest chipotle mayonnaise.

Loaded Fries

Cheesy Bacon Fries
Large chips, cheese sauce and crispy bacon.
Chicken, Bacon and Ranch Fries
Large chips, grilled chicken, cheese sauce, crispy bacon and ranch sauce.
Lamb Fries
Large chips, Mince lamb, cheese sauce and basil pesto mayonnaise.
Juicy Pork Fries
Large chips, slow-cooked pulled pork, cheese sauce and aioli.
New York Fries
Large chips, cheese sauce, bacon, tomato ketchup and American mustard.
Hot Potato Fries
Spicy. Large chips, cheese sauce, smashed potato rosti and peri mayonnaise.


Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
Five pieces of crumbed and deep-fried mozzarella cheese sticks.
Onion Rings
Crumbed and deep-fried onion rings.
Chicken Nuggets
Eight pieces of chicken breast nuggets.


Oreo Milkshake$9.99
Raspberry Cheesecake Milkshake$9.99
Chocolate Banana Milkshake$9.99
Vanilla Milkshake$9.99
Chocolate Milkshake$9.99
Canned Soft Drink$4.90

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