Mimo Tea Menu Prices Australia

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Ice Brew Lychee Oolong$7.00
Classic Egg Waffle$6.80
Taro Egg Waffle$7.20
Brown Sugar Pure Milk$6.80
Cheesy Egg Waffle$7.50

Fresh Fruit Tea

Mix Fruit Green Tea$7.50
Peach Green Tea$7.00
Ice Brew Lychee Oolong (Fresh Fruit Tea)$7.00
Passion Fruit Green Tea$7.00
Grape Fruit Green Tea$7.00
Quince Passion Fruit Green Tea$6.80

Milk Tea

Classic Bubble Milk Tea$7.00
Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea$7.30
Roasted Brulee Milk Tea$7.50
Brulee Milk Tea$7.00
Oreo Brulee Milk Tea$7.50
Taro Milk Tea with Pearl$7.00
Taro Pudding Milk Tea$7.50
Hot Oreo Milk Tea (Hot Drink)$6.50
Hot Dark Chocolate (Hot Drink)$6.00

Fruit and Cheese Form

Cheese Strawberry Oolong$7.30
Cheese Black Cherry Oolong$7.80

Cheese Milk Foam

Cheese Osmanthus Oolong$6.00
Cheese Oolong Tea$7.00
Cheese Jasmine Green Tea$7.00
Cheese Black Tea$7.00
Cheese Four Season Tea$6.30

Fruit Cheese / Frappe

Cheese Lychee Dragon Oolong$7.80
Cheese Watermelon Oolong$7.30
Cheese Peach Oolong$7.80
Oreo Frappe$7.20

Hong Kong-Style Tea (Limited Stock)

Hong Kong-Style MilkTea$6.80
Hong Kong-Style Ice Tea$6.80

Pure Milk Series

Brown Sugar Pure Milk (Pure Milk Series)$6.80
Fresh Mango Coconut Milk$7.50

Single-Use Items


Egg Puffle Series

Classic Egg Puffle$6.80
Classic Egg Waffle (Egg Puffle Series)$6.80
Cheesy Egg Puffle$7.50
Cheesy Egg Waffle (Egg Puffle Series)$7.50
Taro Egg Waffle (Egg Puffle Series)$7.20

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