Mina Bakery Pizza Menu Prices Australia

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Traditional Pizza Menu

Oregano and Veggies Roll
Oregano, Veggies and Yoghurt Roll$7.00
Oregano and Cheese$7.00
1/2 Oregano 1/2 Cheese$7.00
Cheese, Sujuk and Veggies$9.00
Triple Cheese Pide$9.00
Spinach, Chicken and Cheese$9.00
Mexicana Pide$9.00
Shanklish, Tomato and Onion Pide$9.00
Yoghurt and Veggies Pizza$7.00
Spinach Pide$5.00
Spinach and Cheese Pide$6.00
Kaakeh and Cheese$8.00
Lahme Bajin (Tripoli Style)$5.00
Oregano, Veggies and Cheese$8.00
Cheese Pide$7.00

Pizza Menu

Vegetarian Pizza$8.00
Beef Pizza$8.00
Pepperoni Pizza$8.00
Chicken Pizza$8.00
Supreme Pizza$8.00
Hawaiian Pizza$8.00
Meat Lovers Pizza$8.00
Prawn Pizza$8.00
Garlic and Cheese Pizza$6.00


Red Bull Bottle$6.00
Red Bull Can 473 ml$7.00
Red Bull Can 250 ml$4.00
Kids Drink
Girl or boy (please specify).
Ayran Drink (Yoghurt) 250 ml
Selection from Chtaura or Grandpa's Dairy.
Ayran Drink (Yoghurt) 1 ltr$8.00
Ayran Drink (Yoghurt) 600 ml$6.00
600 ml Soft Drink
Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta (please specify).
375 ml Soft Drink Can$3.50

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