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21. Amritsari Chur-Chur Naan
Two Amritsari naans served with daal or chole masala with salad.
22. Paneer Amritsari Naan
Two paneer Amritsari naans served with daal or chole masala with salad.
24. Garlic Chicken Gravy
Tender pieces of chicken marinated and cooked in garlic based gravy.
25. Garlic Chicken Dry
Tender pieces of chicken marinated and cooked in garlic-based sauce.
26. Vegetable Nooddles
Indochinese style noodles cooked with fresh vegetables.
27. Chicken Noodles
Indochinese style noodles cooked with chicken in spicy sauce.
28. Garlic Fish Chilli
Premium quality marinated fish cooked in spicy garlic sauce.


84. Naan
Leavened bread dough made from plain flour.
85. Garlic Naan
Naan bread topped with fresh garlic.
86. Roti
Flat discs of unleavened bread with chewy texture.
87. Aloo Parantha
Naan stuffed with potatoes, coriander, and spices.
88. Mint Naan
Naan bread baked in tandoor with mint flakes.
89. Paneer Naan
Naan stuffed with cheese spices and coriander.
90. Chilli Naan
Plain naan baked with fresh chilies.
91. Kashmiri Naan
Naan stuffed with fruits and nuts.
92. Keema Naan
Naan stuffed with lightly spiced minced meat.
93. Latcha Parantha
Special butter-based discs of leavened bread.
94. Latcha Mint Parantha
Mint based parantha.

Vegetarian Entrée

1. Samosa (2 Pcs)
Curry puffs, stuffed with green peas spicy potatoes.
2. Onion Bhaji
Onion marinated in chickpea flour batter fried.
3. Chili Cheese (A Fusion Specialty)
An indo Chinese style dish.
5. Samosa Chana Chaat
Samosa served with chickpeas, tamarind and mint sauce.
6. Mushroom Tikka
Mushrooms marinated and cooked in clay oven.
7. Paneer Tikka
Cottage cheese cooked in special tandoori marination.
8. Papdi Chaat$8.50
10. Vegetable Platter
A mixture of vegetarian entrée on sizzling platter.
10. Vegetable Platter (Vegetarian Entrée)$18.50
11. Veg Munchurian Dry$14.50

Non-Veg Entrée

12. Chicken Tikka (Main)
Quality boneless chicken marinated and cooked in oven.
13. Chicken Tikka (Entrée)$12.50
14. Tandoori Chicken
A world signature dish marinated in yogurt and Mughlai spices made in tandoor.
14. Tandoori Chicken (Non-Veg Entrée)$12.50
15. Chicken Munchurian Dry$14.50
16. Seekh Kebab
Minced lamb mixed with special spices cooked in tandoor.
17. Lamb Chops (3 Pcs)
Tender and juicy lamb chops marinated in spices cooked in clay oven.
18. Chilli Chicken Dry
Desi Chinese speciality.
19. Tandoori Platter
Mixture of tandoori entree served on sizzling platter.
20. Fish Amritsari
Fillet of fish marinated in special spices and chickpea flour battered.

Lamb (Mains)

29. Lamb Roganjosh (Punjabi Special)
Diced lamb cooked in traditional homemade sauce.
30. Lamb Rahra
Diced lamb cooked with mince lamb in thick gravy.
31. Kadai Gosht
A Delhi delight of lamb cooked with onion and capsicum in tomato-based gravy.
32. Madrasi Gosht Curry
A southern speciality diced lamb cooked with mustard seeds, curry leaves finished with coconut cream in a thick sauce.
33. Lamb Shahi Korma
A Kashmiri delicacy of tender lamb cooked in mild creamy cardamom flavoured rich gravy.
34. Saagwala Lamb Gosht
Tender lamb cooked in smooth spinach based creamy gravy.
35. Lamb Vindaloo
Diced lamb cooked in hot vindaloo based sauce.
36. Lamb Achari
Diced lamb cooked in pickle based spicy sauce.
37. Lamb Bhunagosht (Our Lamb Speciality)$18.00
38. Lamb Methi Gosht
Diced lamb cooked with fenugreek leaves cooked in a smooth creamy sauce.
39. Lamb Handi Masala
Lamb cooked in spicy onion based tangy spicy masala.
40. Garlic Chilli Lamb
Tender lamb cooked in a thick tangy spicy gravy finished with soy sauce.

Chicken (Main Course)

41. Punjabi Butter Chicken (Chicken (Main Course))
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in tandoori thick creamy tomato-based sauce.
41. Punjabi Butter Chicken$17.00
42. Chicken Korma
A chicken preparation in thick and rich gravy flavoured with onions, ginger, garlic and spices.
43. Kadai Chicken
Freshly cooked chicken pieces cooked with red whole chillies, tomato and onions.
44. Chicken Boti Masala
Succulent chicken tikka cooked in rich tomato and onion based gravy.
45. Chicken Aachari Gosht (Hot Special)
Marinated chicken cooked in spicy pickle based sauce.
46.Chicken Tikka Masala
Very special tender and juicy chicken tikka cooked in capsicum and tomato-based gravy.
47. Chicken Mushroom Masala
Diced chicken cooked in a combination with mushrooms in masala sauce.
48. Chicken Do Piaza
Fresh diced chicken cooked in spicy onion based tangy sauce.
49. Punjabi Chicken Curry
Diced chicken cooked in very spicy southern speciality sauce with mustard seeds, sambar and curry leaves finished with coconut.
50. Chicken Saagwala
Boneless chicken cooked with spices and spinach finished with cream.
51. Chicken Zalfrezi
Chicken cooked with diced vegetables in very thick sauce finished with mint.
52. Chicken Vindaloo
A fiery hot curry. Diced chicken cooked in spices, ginger, and fresh ground chilies.
53. Chicken Malai Methi
Our mild chicken speciality.

Tandoori Special’s (Delhi Di Shaan)

54. Tandoori Butter Chicken
Special spicy butter chicken cooked with tandoori chicken on bone.
55. Tandoori Kadai Chicken
Spicy masala chicken cooked with tandoori chicken with bone.

Seafood (Mains)

56. Prawn Zalfrezi
Prawns cooked in tangy onion and tomato-based sauce.
57. Prawn Masala
Prawns cooked in aromatic masala capsicum and onion sauce.
58. Prawn Muglai
Prawns cooked with creamy rich and thick sauce finished with dry fruits.
59. Chilli Prawns
Spiced prawns cooked in spicy indo Chinese speciality sauce.
60. Prawn Madrasi
Prawns cooked in mustard seeds and curry leaves in spicy onion and tomato-based sauce finished with coconut cream.
61. Fish Mugalai
Diced fish cooked in rich thick and creamy sauce finished with dry fruits.
62. Fish Chilli
Batter fried fish cooked in desi Chinese speciality sauce.
63. Malabar Fish Curry
Spicy. Diced fish cooked in mustard seeds, curry leaves and finished with coconut cream.
64. Fish Makhani
Diced fish cooked in tomato-based makhani sauce.


65. Shahi Paneer
Cottage cheese prepared in rich and thick mild tomato-based gravy.
66. Palak Paneer (Vegetables)
Cubes of traditional cottage cheese cooked in creamy spinach and powdered spices.
66. Palak Paneer$16.50
67. Matar Paneer
Cottage cheese and peas cooked in onion and tomato-based spicy gravy.
68. Paneer Tikka Masala
Cottage cheese marinated and cooked in tandoor cooked in capsicum and onions.
69. Methi Matar Paneer
Cubes of cottage cheese and fenugreek leaves cooked with aromatic spices in rich tomato gravy finished in cream and butter.
70. Paneer Butter Masala
Batons of cottage cheese cooked in thick cashew-based tomato gravy.
71. Paneer Makhani
Cheese cooked in thick tomato-based gravy finished with fresh coriander.
72. Paneer Malai Mehti
Our signature dish. A very rare to find popular Indian cottage cheese induced with fresh fenugreek leaves cooked in thick gravy.
73. Malai Kofta
A rare combination of cheese and potatoes dumplings cooked in mild onion based gravy.
74. Palak Malai Kofta
Our favorite.
75. Jeera Aloo
Dry preparation of potatoes and cumin seeds.
76. Khumb Matar
Mushroom and peas simmered in thick gravy and spices.
77. Daal Makhani (Vegetables)
A Punjabi black lentils delicacy incorporating fresh tomato and garlic simmered overnight finished with cream and served with a dollop of butter.
77. Daal Makhani$16.50
78. Punjabi Chana Masala
A north Indian styled cooked chickpeas in masala sauce.
79. Navratan Korma
Seasonal vegetables cooked in mild and creamy sauce finished with dry fruits.
80. Mushroom Masala
Diced mushrooms cooked in masala based sauce.
81. Yellow Daal Tadka
Yellow lentils cooked in Punjabi styled spicy gravy.
82. Aloo Gobi
Cauliflower and potatoes cooked in combination finished with cumin seeds.
83. Dhaba Daal
Very rare combination of black and yellow lentils cooked in mixture of spices inspired by the roadside joints of Delhi. Must try.

Rice & Biryani

95. Bombay Rice (Rice & Biryani)
Long grain basmati rice.
95. Bombay Rice$5.00
96. Peas Pulao
A rare combination of peas, fenugreek, and spiced basmati rice.
97. Kashmiri Pulao
Basmati rice cooked with assorted nuts and dry fruits.
98. Chicken Biryani
Diced chicken cooked with basmati rice over slow fire with Mughlai spices.
99. Lamb Biryani
Lamb cooked with basmati rice cooked over slow fire with mint.
100. Vegetable Biryani
Combination of seasonal mixed vegetables cooked in biryani rice.
102. Chicken Fried Rice
Fusion speciality rice cooked with marinated chicken.


Green Salad$5.50
Red Onion Salad$3.00
Onion Salad$2.50
Mix Pickle$2.00
Mix Raita (Extras)$3.50
Mix Raita$3.50
Boondi Raita$3.50


Gulab Jamun (Desserts)
Sweet milk fried dumplings cooked in cardamom flavoured sugar.
Gulab Jamun$4.50
Pista Kulfi
A traditional homemade Indian ice-cream made with pistachio.
Mango Kulfi
A traditional homemade mango based ice-cream.
Mango Ice-Cream
Mango flavoured ice-cream.
Paan Kulfi$6.00


Sweet Lassi$5.00
Salty Lassi$5.00
Mango Lassi (Glass)$5.50
Lemon Lime Bitters$6.00
Coke (Can)$4.50
Fanta (Can)$4.50
Lemonade (Can)$4.50
Coke Zero (Can)$4.50
Diet Coke (Can)$4.50

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