Minato Japanese Restaurant Menu Prices Australia

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Broaden your horizons and try something new.
Agedashi Tofu (3 Pieces)
Lightly battered, fried bean curd.

Main Dishes

Chilli Sashimi Don
Sashimi on top of rice and salad with spicy and wasabi sauce.
Chicken Katsu Don
Deep fried chicken on top of rice with egg and soy donburi sauce.
Seafood Udon
Spicy. Prawn, baby octopus, squid, mussel in a spicy soup.
Salmon Aburi Sushi - Torched (6 Pieces)
Torched salmon sushi with mayo and teriyaki sauce.
Prawn Crunchy
Tempura prawn, crab-mayo salad, cucumber, avocado, teriyaki sauce.
Soft Shell Crab
Soft shell crab, crab-mayo salad, cucumber, avocado, teriyaki sauce.
Salmon Fire (Torched)
Salmon with crab-mayo salad, cucumber, avocado, teri-mayo.
Las Vegas
Lightly fried sashimi on top of roll (crab-mayo salad, cucumber, avocado).
Bento Box
Comes with main, salad, rice, wakame, salmon.


Japanese soy bean in salt.
Seaweed Salad
Marinated Japanese seaweed.
Harumaki (6 Pieces)
Deep fried vegetable spring roll.
Takoyaki (6 Pieces)
Deep fried octopus.
Dumplings (4 Pieces)
Choose between prawn or vegetarian.
Pork Gyoza
Japanese pork dumplings.
Chicken Karaage
Deep fried marinated chicken with mayo and teriyaki.


Coca-Cola Classic$3.50
Diet Coke$3.50
Fanta Orange$3.50
Lift Hard Hitting Lemon$3.50
Sparkling Water (750ml.)$7.50

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