Ming Court Chinese Restaurant Menu Prices Australia

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Soup Dishes

Chicken Clear Soup$4.50
Short Soup$5.00
Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup$4.50
Combination Soup$6.00
Seafood Soup$8.00
Hot & Sour (Spicy)$6.00
Tom Yum Seafood Soup (Spicy)$8.00


Dim Sim (Homemade) Each$1.50
Spring Role - Each$1.80
Chicken Ball (3 Balls)$4.00
Fried Won-Ton
Meat patties with sweet and sour sauce.
Chinese Sausage$4.50
Sesame Prawns (2 Pieces)$5.50
Malaysian Satay Steak (2 Skewers)$5.00
Malaysian Satay Chicken (2 Skewers)$5.00
Crab’s Ball (4 Balls)$5.00
San Chol Bow (Minced Meat Wrapped in Lettuce) - Each$5.00
Butterfly Prawns$5.00
Barbecued Spare Ribs$6.00
Prawns Cutlet (Sweet & sur Sauce 2 Piece)
Curry Puff (2 Pieces)$6.00

Beef Dishes

Beef with sauce of your choice (garlic, oyster, blackbean, ginger, and spring onion).
Beef with Mushrooms & Vegetables$15.50
Beef with Tomato Sauce$15.50
Beef with Vegetables$15.50
Beef with Bean Shoots$15.50
Beef with Cashew Nuts & Vegetables$16.50
Mongolian Beef Served with Spicy Sauce & Vegetables$17.50

Chicken Dishes

Chicken with sauce of your choice (garlic, oyster, blackbean, ginger, and spring onion).
Chicken with Mushrooms & Vegetables$15.50
Chicken with Vegetables$15.50
Chicken with Cashew Nuts & Vegetables$16.50
Lemon Chicken (Boneless)$16.50
Honey Chicken with Cashew Nuts$16.50
Chicken Sweet & Sour Without Batter$15.50
Chicken Fritters Sweet & Sour$15.50

Pork Dishes

BBQ Pork Ribs with Barbecued Sauce & Vegetables$15.50
BBQ Pork with Mushrooms & Seasonal Vegetables$15.50
BBQ Pork with Baby Corn & Vegetables$15.50
BBQ Pork with Bean Shoots$15.50
BBQ Pork with Cashew Nuts & Vegetables$16.50
BBQ Pork with Sweet & Sour (Fritters)$15.50

Duckling Dishes

Steam Duckling with Tropical Mushrooms$22.00
Steam Duckling with Roast Pork & Vegetables$22.00
Duckling with Lemon Sauce (Deep Fried)$22.00
West Lake Duckling with Sweet & Sauce (Deep Fried)$22.00

Fish Dishes

Fish with sauce of your choice (garlic, oyster, blackbean, ginger, and spring onion).
Fish Fritters Sweet & Sour$20.00
Fish with Cream Corn Sauce (in Batter)$20.00
Fish with Mushrooms & Vegetables$20.00
Fish with Vegetables$20.00

Vegetable Dishes

Vegetarian Fried Rice (Small)
With or without egg.
Vegetarian Fried Rice (large)$11.00
Mixed Chinese Vegetables
Mushrooms, baby corn and seasonal vegetables.
Indonesian vegetarian dish served with satay sauce.
Snow Peas & Baby Corn
Vegetarian Singapore Noodle$16.50


Crispy or soft.
Beef with Noodles Served with Seasonal Vegetables$16.50
Chicken with Noodles & Vegetables$16.50
BBQ Pork with Noodles Served with Seasonal Vegetables$16.50
Combination Noodle
Steak, chicken, pork, and prawns served with seasonal vegetables.
Prawns with Noodles Served with Seasonal Vegetables$23.00

Malaysian Noodle Dishes

Malaysian Rice Noodle$16.50
Singapore Noodle$16.50
Mee Goreng$16.50

Prawn & Scallop Dishes

Prawns with sauce of your choice(garlic, oyster, blackbean, ginger, and spring onion).
Prawn Fritters Sweet & Sour$22.00
Prawns Sweet & Sour Without Batter$22.00
Scallops Sweet & Sour (Fritters)$22.00
Prawns with Mushrooms & Seasonal Vegetables$22.00
Scallops with Mushrooms & Seasonal Vegetables$22.00
Prawns with Tomato Sauce$22.00
Scallops with Tomato Sauce$22.00
Prawns with Vegetables$22.00
Scallops with Vegetables$22.00
Prawns with Bean Shoots$22.00
Scallops with Bean Shoots$22.00
Prawns with Cashew Nuts & Vegetables$22.00
Scallops with Cashew Nuts & Vegetables$22.00
Honey Prawns with Cashew Nuts$22.00
Honey Scallops with Cashew Nuts$22.00

Satay Dishes

Satay Beef
6 skewers or stir fried with vegetables.
Satay Chicken
Six skewers or stir fried with vegetables.
Satay Prawns with Seasonal Vegetables$22.00

Curry Dishes & Chilli Dishes

Curry Beef & Vegetables$16.50
Chilli Beef & Vegetables$16.50
Curry Chicken & Vegetables$16.50
Chilli Chicken & Vegetables$16.50
Curry Prawn & Vegetables$22.00
Chilli Prawn & Vegetables$22.00

Rice Dishes

Steamed Rice$3.50
Steamed Rice (Large)$4.50
Special Fried Rice$9.00
Special Fried Rice (Large)$11.00


Banana Fritters (with Ice Cream)$6.50
Pineapple Fritter (with Ice Cream)$6.50
Plain Ice Cream$3.00
Fried Ice Cream$6.50

Soft Drinks

Coke (Can)$2.80
Lemonade (Can)$2.80
Fanta (Can)$2.80
Solo (Can)$2.80
Coke (2lt)$7.50
Lemonade (2 Lt)$7.50
Fanta (2lt)$7.50
Solo (2lt)$7.50

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