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Short Soup (Entrée)

Wonton Soup (Prawn & Pork)$5.50
Tom Yum Soup$6.00
Chicken Sweet Corn Soup$5.50
Shark Fin Soup$7.00
Hot & Sour Soup
Spicy level one.
Prawn Dumpling Soup$5.50
Beef Ball Soup$5.50
Chicken Mushroom Soup$6.00

Beef Noodle Soup

Beef noodle soup served in seasoned beef stock.
Fresh Sliced Beef$12.00
Fresh Sliced Beef & Tendon$12.50
Fresh Sliced Beef & Brisket$12.50
Fresh Sliced Beef & Beef Balls$12.50
Fresh Sliced Beef, Tendons & Tripes$12.50
Beef & Chicken$12.50
Fresh sliced beef, tendon, tripe, and beef balls.

Vermicelli Noodles (Noodle Soup)

Spicy Beef (Thick Vermicelli)$12.50
Seafood Tom Yum (Tamarind & Spicy Flavour)$13.50
Bún Mắm
Fermented fish flavour.
Bún Riêu
Tomato and shrimp flavour.

Egg/Rice Noodles (Noodle Soup)

Crispy Skin Chicken$12.50
Prawns & Pork (Minced & Sliced)$12.00
Cambodian with Pork Intestines$12.00
Wontons (Prawn & Pork)$12.00
Prawn Dumplings$12.50
Vegetables (Chicken Broth)$12.00

Slow Cooked Beef (Noodle Soup)

Seasoned slow cooked beef stew with choice of noodles.
Beef Brisket$13.00

Starch Noodle Soup

Prawns & Pork$12.00
Combination (Starch Noodle Soup)$12.50
Seafood (Starch Noodle Soup)$13.00
Squid (Starch Noodle Soup)$13.00
Fish (Starch Noodle Soup)$13.00
Prawns (Starch Noodle Soup)$13.00
Pig's Trotter$12.00
Mud Crab Starch Noodle Soup
Starch noodles in a crab flavoured soup served with fish cakes, straw mushrooms, pork trotter, and two pieces of mud crab.

Noodle Soup with Roasts

Noodle Soup with 1 Meat$13.00
Noodle Soup with 2 Meat$14.50
Noodle Soup with 3 Meat$16.00

Vermicelli & Salad

Served with fish sauce.
Spring Rolls$12.00
Grilled Pork$12.00
Spring Rolls & Grilled Pork$13.00
Grilled Pork Meatloaf$12.00
Grilled Chicken$13.00
Fried Bean Curd$12.00
Spring rolls, grilled pork, shredded pork, and grilled meatloaf.
Stir Fried Beef with Lemongrass & Chilli$14.50
Stir Fried Beef with Satay Sauce$14.50
Thick Vermicelli
Served with coconut milk, spring rolls and sliced pork.
Roasts Vermicelli & Salad with 1 Meat Choice$13.50
Roasts Vermicelli & Salad with 2 Meat Choice$14.50
Roasts Vermicelli & Salad with 3 Meat Choice$16.00

Stir Fried Noodles

Stir Fried Noodles$13.50

Fried Dried Noodles

Penang Fried Kway Teow (Rice Noodles)$13.00
Beef Fried Rice Noodles$13.00
Sliced Duck Fried Rice Noodles$13.00
Roast Pork Fried Rice Noodles$13.00
Singapore Noodles (Vermicelli Noodles)$13.00
Roast Pork Soy Sauce Fried Egg Noodles$13.00
Salty Fish & Chicken Fried Vermicelli Noodles$13.00
Seafood Thai Fried Vermicelli (Tom Yum Flavour)$13.50

Soy Sauce Fried Noodles

Roast Pork Soy Sauce Fried Egg Noodles (Soy Sauce Fried Noodles)$13.00
Soy Sauce Fried Egg
Shrimps, BBQ pork and fish cakes.
Soy Sauce Vermicelli Noodles$13.00


Vegetables, meat and seafood stir fried with flat rice noodles in thick egg gravy.
Combination Stir Fried Rice Noodles$14.50

Vietnamese Coleslaw

Garnished with fresh mint, peanuts and shallots.
Chicken (Vietnamese Coleslaw)$16.00
Rare Beef$17.50
Pig's Ears$16.50
Seafood (Vietnamese Coleslaw)$17.50
Squid (Vietnamese Coleslaw)$16.00
Prawns (Vietnamese Coleslaw)$19.50
Prawns & Pork (Vietnamese Coleslaw)$17.50
Roast Duck$18.50
Fried Bean Curd (Vietnamese Coleslaw)$14.00

Steamed Rice Vermicelli

Served with lettuce, mint leaves, cucumbers, pickled carrots, and fish sauce. Steamed rice vermicelli garnished with peanuts and spring onions.
Spring Rolls (Steamed Rice Vermicelli)$12.50
Spring Rolls & Grilled Pork (Steamed Rice Vermicelli)$13.50
Grilled Pork (Steamed Rice Vermicelli)$12.50
Grilled Pork Meatloaf (Steamed Rice Vermicelli)$12.50
Grilled Chicken (Steamed Rice Vermicelli)$13.50
Roasts Steamed Vermicelli (1 Meat Choice)$14.00
Roasts Steamed Vermicelli (2 Meat Choice)$15.00
Roasts Steamed Vermicelli (3 Meat Choice)$16.00

Rice Dishes

Special Vietnamese Broken Rice$12.50
Double Pork Chop Broken Rice$11.50
Grilled Chicken Broken Rice$12.50
Hainam Chicken on Rice$12.50
Crispy Skin Chicken Tomato Rice$12.00
Diced Beef Tomato Rice$13.00
Diced Chicken Tomato Rice$13.00
Salt & Pepper Chicken Ribs$13.00
Salt & Pepper Pork Ribs$13.00
Salt & Pepper Squid$13.50
Salt & Pepper Fish$13.50
Salt & Pepper Prawns (Without Shell)$14.50
Salt & Pepper Scallops (in Batter)$15.50

Roasts on Steamed Rice

Roasts on Steamed Rice with 1 Meat Choice$12.00
Roasts on Steamed Rice with 2 Meat Choice$13.50
Roasts on Steamed Rice with 3 Meat Choice$15.00

Steamed Rice (Rice Dishes)

Steamed Rice$12.50
Omelette on Steamed Rice$13.00
Beef Brisket (Steamed Rice (Rice Dishes))$12.50
Lemon Chicken (in Batter)$13.00
Pork Ribs (in Batter)$13.00
Honey Chicken (in Batter)$13.00
Honey Pork (in Batter)$13.00
Honey Prawns (in Batter)$14.50
Stir Fried Roast Pork, Bean Curd & Vegetables$13.00
Stir Fried Roast Pork & Pickled Mustard Greens$13.00

Sweet & Sour (Rice Dishes)All served with steamed rice.

Chicken in Batter$13.00
Pork in Batter$13.00
Pork Ribs in Batter$13.00
Prawns in Batter$14.50
Fish in Batter$14.00
Squid in Batter$14.00
Scallops in Batter$15.50
Seafood (Sweet & Sour (Rice Dishes))
Not in batter.
Squid (Sweet & Sour (Rice Dishes))$14.00
Combination (Sweet & Sour (Rice Dishes))$13.50

Bitter Melon (Rice Dishes)

All served with steamed rice.
Bitter Melon Omelette$12.50
Stir Fried Bitter Melon with Meat$13.00


Spring Rolls (Pork) (8)$13.00
Deep Fried Chicken Wings (5)$6.00
Salt & Pepper Quails$14.50
Curry Puffs (4)
Potato, peas, carrot, and corn.
Chinese Sausages$6.00
Chicken Feet$12.00
Prawn Crackers$3.50
Wontons (Prawn & Pork) (8)$11.50
Prawn Dumplings (8)$12.00
Dim Sims (2)$4.00
BBQ Mince San Choi Bao (2)
Seasoned mince parcels wrapped in lettuce leaves.
Vegetarian San Choi Bao (2)$12.00
Peking Duck
Deboned roast duck wrapped in a pancake with cucumber, spring onions, pickled vegetables, and sauce.

Main Course

Serving to share.
1 Duck$28.00
1/2 Duck$14.50
1 Chicken$20.00
1/2 Chicken$10.50
Roast Pork (Kg)
BBQ Pork (Kg)
Red pork.
Sausage (Kg)$28.00
Tripe (Kg)$28.00
Stir Fried with Vegetables$17.50
Sizzling Mains$16.50
Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli$18.50

Beef/ Chicken/ Pork Mains (Main Course)

Diced Beef$18.00
Diced Chicken$18.00
Honey Chicken in Batter$17.50
Honey Pork in Batter$17.50
Lemon Chicken in Batter$17.50
Lemon Pork in Batter$17.50
Hainam Chicken$9.00
Crispy Skin Chicken (Beef/ Chicken/ Pork Mains (Main Course))$9.00
Grilled Chicken (Beef/ Chicken/ Pork Mains (Main Course))$9.00

Bitter Melon Mains (Main Course)

Stir Fried Bitter Melon with Meat Option
Chicken, beef, BBQ pork, roast pork.
Bitter Melon Omelette (Bitter Melon Mains (Main Course))$15.00

Salt & Pepper Mains (Main Course)

Chicken Ribs$17.50
Pork Ribs$17.50
Chicken Wings$15.50
Squid (Salt & Pepper Mains (Main Course))$19.50
Fish (Salt & Pepper Mains (Main Course))$19.50
Prawns (Without Shell)$21.50
Soft Shell Crab$27.80

Sweet & Sour (in Batter) (Main Course)

Chicken (Sweet & Sour (in Batter) (Main Course))$17.50
Pork Ribs (Sweet & Sour (in Batter) (Main Course))$17.50
Prawns (Sweet & Sour (in Batter) (Main Course))$21.50
Squid (Sweet & Sour (in Batter) (Main Course))$19.50
Fish (Sweet & Sour (in Batter) (Main Course))$19.50

Sweet & Sour (Main Course)

Cannot be battered.
BBQ Pork$17.50
Roast Duck (Sweet & Sour (Main Course))$17.50
Roast Pork$17.50
Combination (Sweet & Sour (Main Course))$17.50
Seafood (Sweet & Sour (Main Course))$19.50

Bird's Nest Mains (Main Course)

Deep fried fresh potatoes, shaped into the bird's nest bowl!
Combination (Bird's Nest Mains (Main Course))$22.50
Squid (Bird's Nest Mains (Main Course))$23.50
Fish (Bird's Nest Mains (Main Course))$23.50
Seafood (Bird's Nest Mains (Main Course))$23.50
Prawns (Bird's Nest Mains (Main Course))$25.50
Scallops (Bird's Nest Mains (Main Course))$27.50
Vegetables with Fried Beancurd & Mushrooms$20.50
Chicken (Bird's Nest Mains (Main Course))$21.50
Beef (Bird's Nest Mains (Main Course))$21.50
BBQ Pork (Bird's Nest Mains (Main Course))$21.50
Roast Duck (Bird's Nest Mains (Main Course))$21.50
Roast Pork (Bird's Nest Mains (Main Course))$21.50

Fried Rice Mains (Main Course)

Special Fried Rice$12.00
Chinese Broccoli & Roast Pork$13.50
Chinese Broccoli & Roast Duck$13.50
Yeung Chow (Chinese Sausages)$12.50
Beef (Fried Rice Mains (Main Course))$12.00
Chicken (Fried Rice Mains (Main Course))$12.00
BBQ Pork (Fried Rice Mains (Main Course))$12.00
Seafood Nasi Goreng with Fried Egg$14.00
Thai Seafood & Pineapple$14.00
Seafood (Fried Rice Mains (Main Course))$13.50
Seafood XO Sauce$14.00
Prawns (Fried Rice Mains (Main Course))$14.00
Salty Fish$12.50
Salty Fish & Chicken$13.00
Salty Fish & Prawns$14.50
Vegetables with Fried Beancurd & Mushrooms (Fried Rice Mains (Main Course))$12.00

Vegetable Dishes

Vegetarian main serving to share.
Salt & Pepper Japanese Tofu
Contains eggs.
Stir fried bean curd, enoki, bok choy, shiitake and fungi mushrooms.
Baby Spinach Stir-Fry with Shiitake & Fungi Mushrooms$17.80

Stir-Fry Vegetable Mains (Vegetable Dishes)

Stir-Fry Vegetable$13.80


Steamed Oysters
Ginger, xo, black bean.
Deep Fried Oysters$17.80
Stir Fried Pipis in Ginger Shallots$18.80
Stir Fried Pipis in XO Sauce$18.80
Stir Fried Pipis in Black Bean$18.80
Salt & Pepper Flounder Fish$19.80
Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab$28.80
Steamed Live Abalone (12 Abalones)
Ginger or xo.
Steamed Live Abalone (6 Abalones)$25.00
Steamed Live Abalone (3 Abalones)$13.00
Deep Fried Live Abalone$13.00


Beef Brisket (Claypot)$16.80
Combination & Fried Beancurd$20.00
Prawn & Fried Beancurd$23.00
Seafood & Fried Beancurd$22.00
Salty Fish Chicken & Soft Beancurd$16.80
Ma Po Tofu (Soft Beancurd)$16.80
Minced Pork, Fried Bean Curd & Mushroom$16.80
Stir Fried Roast Pork & Beancurd with Vegetables$19.00

Featured Items

Chicken Feet (Featured Items)$9.00


Savoury rice porridge.
Beancurd & Mushrooms$12.00
Beef (Congee)$12.00
Chicken (Congee)$12.00
BBQ Pork (Congee)$12.00
Seafood (Congee)$13.50
Prawns (Congee)$14.00
Squid & Fish$13.00
Squid (Congee)$13.00
Fish (Congee)$13.00
Scallops (Congee)$14.50
Baby Abalone$16.00
Pork Intestines$12.50
Preserved Egg & Pork$12.50


Vanilla ice cream with two choices of toppings.
Vanilla Ice Cream with 2 Toppings$4.00
Banana Split
Served with ice cream, honey syrup and peanuts on the side.
Lychees with Ice Cream
Served with vanilla ice cream.
Ice Kachang
Shaved ice.
Banana Fritter
Deep fried.
Pineapple Fritter
Deep fried. Served with ice cream, whipped cream, syrup, and peanuts on the side.
Fried Ice Cream
Deep fried. Deep fried vanilla ice cream served with desiccated coconut and strawberry syrup.


Soft Drinks$2.70
Ribena Sprite$4.00
Lemon, Lime & Bitters$4.00
Lemon Coke$4.00
Soda Lemon$4.00
Homemade Fresh Lemon Tea$4.00
Coconut Juice$4.00
Soya Milk$4.00
3 Colour Drink$5.50
Longan Drink$4.00
Sam Bo Long$5.00
Grass Jelly Drink$4.00
Grass Jelly Drink & Coconut Milk$4.00
Iced Lychee$4.50
Soda Egg with Condensed Milk$4.50
Red Bean with Coconut Milk$4.00
Mung Bean with Coconut Milk$4.00
Basil Seed Drink$4.00
Basil Seed Drink with Grass Jelly$4.00
Iced Chocolate with Ice Cream$6.50
Iced Coffee with Ice Cream$6.50
Thai Iced Delight Chè Thái$5.50
Black Coffee
Iced or hot.
White Coffee$4.00

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