MiniMelts Bundoora Menu Prices

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Mini Melts

MM Bubble Gum 120ml
Gluten Free. Yellow, Pink, and Purple Mini Ice Cream Balls Flavoured with Yummy Bubblegum.
MM Rainbow with Marshmallow Clouds 120ml
Gluten Free. Mini Marshmallows Atop Banana, Blueberry, and Raspberry Mini balls of Ice Cream.
MM Fairy Floss 120ml
Gluten Free. Caramel Flavoured Mini Ice Cream Balls in Pink and Blue.
MM Cookies and Cream 120ml
Gluten Free. Cookie flavoured Mini Ice Cream balls with real Gluten-Free Cookie pieces.
MM Cookie Dough Chocolate Chips 120ml
Gluten Free. Cookie Dough and Chocolate Flavoured Mini Ice Cream Balls with Gluten-Free Cookie Dough Inclusion.
MM Chocolate 120ml
Gluten Free. Delicious Rich Chocolate Mini Balls of Ice Cream.
MM Choc Mint 120ml
Gluten Free. A combo of refreshing mint and delicious chocolate Ice Cream.
MM Strawberries and Cream 120ml
Gluten Free. Anyone for Tennis, A delightful combo of an original favourite Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream.
MM Lemon Lime Sorbet 120ml
Vegan, Gluten Free. The Crisp fresh flavours of Lemon and Lime Dairy free sorbet.
MM Rainbow with Marshmallow Clouds 500ml$12.00
MM Cookie Dough Choc Chip 500ml$12.00
MM Chocolate 500ml$12.00
MM Lemon Lime Sorbet and Vanilla 500ml
Gluten Free. Lemon and Lime Sorbet and Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream Combo.
MM Mango Sorbet and Vanilla Ice Cream 500ml
Gluten Free. A delicious combo of Mango Sorbet & creamy Vanilla Ice Cream.
MM Watermelon Sorbet
Vegan, Gluten Free. Sweet Watermelon Flavoured, Dairy-Free Sorbet.

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