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Slow Roasted Beetroot (serves 3)
Earthy sweet baby Beets creamed to silky perfection and topped with toasty spiced Hazelnut Dukkah for a little crunch.
Chimichurri (serves 3)
Basque Tximitxurri, loosely translates to "a mixture of several things in no particular order"
Minimum Dips invites you to invigorate your senses with this zingy fresh Parsley, Victorian Garlic and Chilli Salsa that is sure to excite tastebuds!
Sweet Carrot and Onion Fava (serves 3)
Slow cooked carrots with onions blended with silky fava beans and orange juice. A creamy and rich texture, topped with salty caperberries and pickled red onions to balance. This dip is a necessity!
Muhammara (serves 3)
Smokey Capsicum, roasted Victorian Walnuts and Garlic, drizzled with Pomegranate juice reduction and sprinkles of dried Black Chilli Flakes.
Almond Tarator (serves 3)
Creamy smooth Almond Milk soaked Almond meal whipped with Victorian Garlic and Tahini served with lashings of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Chimichurri (serves 3) (Dips)$12.00
Sweet Carrot and Onion Fava (serves 3) (Dips)$12.00
Muhammara (serves 3) (Dips)$12.00
Almond Tarator (serves 3) (Dips)$12.00
Slow Roasted Beetroot (serves 3) (Dips)$12.00


Corn Chips
Crunchy disks of Organic Corn. Wonderful snack when on the phone!
Wholemeal Pita
Soft fresh Pita Bread, why reinvent the wheel? This bread complements my creations so well just as it is.
Fresh Crudites
Seasonal garden Vegetables with Nigella seeds and Pink Murray River Salt flakes.
Australian Olives
A mix of hand picked Victorian Manzanilla, Ligurian, Aberquina and Wild Olives marinated in Lemon and Rosemary.
Sumac Shards
Lemon, Garlic and Sumac crunchy Lavosh-like shards.
Pickled Seasonal Vegetables
In Verjuice and native Pepper-berries

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