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Arabian Salad (V)
Seasonal greens, cucumber, tomato, bell peppers and mint with a zesty olive oil dressing.
Arabian Spicy Tomato Dip (V)
Tomatoes, chilli, lime juice and spices.
Snickers Gourmet Milkshakes
Mint and Co gourmet milkshakes are made with premium ingredients including pure Belgian chocolate, Madagascan vanilla bean ice cream and St Davids Dairy milk.
Date and Salted Caramel Gourmet Milkshakes$11.90
Garlic, Mint and Cucumber Yoghurt Dip (V)
Cool Garlic, mint and cucumber dip prepared with St Davids dairy yogurt.


Mezze Dips (V)
Hummus, cacik and baba ghanoush served with toasted Turkish bread.
Marinated Olives (V)
Cured olives infused with garlic oil, crushed chilli and semi sun dried tomatoes served with toasted Turkish bread.
Middle Eastern Mixed Pickle (V)
A traditional and widely popular cured pickled vegetable mix served with toasted Turkish bread.
Ottoman Sucuk
Sauteed spicy beef sausage on toasted Turkish bread served with buffalo mozzarella.
Spiced Cauliflower (V)
Lightly fried cauliflower seasoned with Arabian spices.
Turkish Style Halloumi (V)
Grilled cheese with Turkish pomegranate molasses.
Muscat Fried Okra (V)
Lightly seasoned okra fried in Omani spice infused oil until crispy.
Grilled Eggplant (V)$9.00
Pink Salt Chicken Wings
Lightly fried chicken wings coated in a secret family spicy marinade and Himalayan pink salt.
Entree Platter
Chicken wings, okra, egg plant, cauliflower, marinated olives and mixed pickles.


Thick Cut Chips (V)
Thick cut potato chips fried and seasoned.
Mediterranean Vegetables
An assortment of vegetables.
Garlic, Mint and Cucumber Yoghurt Dip (V) (Sides)$7.00
Arabian Spicy Tomato Dip (V) (Sides)$7.00
Mashed Potato (V)
Creamy warm mashed potato.
Classic Wedges
Golden wedges served with labneh and sweet chilli sauce.
Lebanese Garlic Toum Dip (V)
Crushed garlic dip with salt, olive oil and lemon juice.

Gourmet Salad

Mint and Co Signature Salad (V)
Seasonal leaves, crumbled goat cheese, candied nuts, raisins, Lebanese, cucumber, melody tomatoes, rocket and pomegranate vinaigrette.
Arabian Salad (V) (Gourmet Salad)$15.00
Rocket and Strawberry Salad (V)
Rocket, fresh strawberry, candied walnut and cucumber with lemon and lime dressing.


Yemeni Lamb Mandi
A modern take on classic mandi slow cooked saffron spring lamb with aromatic long grain rice, sultanas and nuts served with cool garlic, mint and cucumber yoghurt dip.
Cheftali Kebab
Traditional Cypriot spiced lamb kebab mince sausage served with a zesty salad, cool garlic, mint and cucumber yoghurt dip and toasted pita bread.
Babas Lamb Chops
Chargrilled lamb chops lovingly marinated in a family secret spice mix with garlic, mint and cucumber yogurt dip.
Butter Chicken
Mughlai style butter chicken served with fragrant basmati rice and cool garlic, mint and cucumber yoghurt dip.
Arabian Fish
Poached fish in a tangy tahini sauce with garlic and chilli served on a bed of rice with sultanas and nuts.
Traditional Mughlai Biryani
Traditional Mughlai style biryani seamlessly fused with wagyu beef or marinated boneless chicken fillet. Rice is layered and delicately slow cooked with spiced wagyu beef or marinated boneless chicken fillet using a centuries old recipe and is served with cool garlic cucumber yoghurt dip.
Mint and Co Signature Beef Burger
Ground premium Angus beef, cheese, pickles, onion, tomato and mint aioli.
Soft Shell Crab Burger
Crumbed soft shell crab served on a brioche bun with red slaw, fennel, coriander and mint aioli.
Butter Chicken Burger
Coated chicken fillet cooked in our special butter chicken sauce with lettuce, tomato and mint aioli.
Wagyu Rump Steak
500 grams marble score seven plus wagyu rump steak.
Boneless Wagyu Rib Eye Steak
300 grams. Marble score seven plus.
Slow Cooked Asado Beef Ribs
Eight hour slow cooked premium short rib rack with smoked Himalayan pink salt and wild oregano.


Kunefe (V)
Our signature style soft centred kataifi pastry kunefe. Hand crafted with a labour of love and served hot. Serves three to four.
Cake of the Day$14.90
Khalifa Pudding
Traditional Middle Eastern sweet cheese dessert and served with a glass vile full with sugar syrup for extra sweetness.
Riz Bi Haleeb
A traditional Middle Eastern flavored rice pudding, garnished with a combination choice of rose petals, toasted nuts and shredded coconut.
Traditional Middle Eastern custard, topped with fresh pistachio nuts and served with a glass vile full of rose water syrup for added flavor.
Orange and Honey Almond Rice Pudding
A delicious rice pudding served toasted almonds and an orange infused honey syrup in a stylish glass view.


Exotic V
V drink served with a variety of seasonal fruits in a tall glass with ice.
The Cuban classic. A refreshing mix of lime, lemon, mint and soda water.
Old Fashioned
Fruity mocktail with a citrus base, juniper berry bitters, spiced ginger and triple sec.
Passion Fruit Collins
Our version of the tom collins. A tangy combination of passion fruit, fruit nectar, lime, lemon, orange, mint and soda water.
Perfect Ginger
A balanced tangy ginger drink with toasted cinnamon stick, cardamom, lemon, lime and orange.
Violet Sour
A traditional floral sour with violet syrup, egg white, lemon and lime.
Chocolate Nutella Gourmet Milkshakes$11.90
Date and Salted Caramel Gourmet Milkshakes (Beverages)$11.90
Iced Coffee Gourmet Milkshakes$11.90
Mint Gourmet Milkshakes$11.90
Snickers Gourmet Milkshakes (Beverages)$11.90
Strawberries and Cream Gourmet Milkshakes$11.90
White Chocolate Gourmet Milkshakes$11.90
Orange Freshly Squeezed Juice$9.90
Watermelon Freshly Squeezed Juice$9.90
Coca Cola No Sugar
Zero and 330 mL.
Cascade Ginger Ale$5.50
Coca Cola
330 mL.
Deep Spring
300 mL.
Mount Franklin Water Sparkling$5.50
Lift Lemon$5.50
Mount Franklin Water Still$5.50
OVI Hydration Water
500 mL.
Sirma Mandarin
250 mL.
Sirma Sparkling Water$5.50
Uludag Mineral Water$5.50
Uludag Orange$5.50
V Bottle
350 mL original green.
V Can$5.50


Our coffees are brewed with dukes beans and creamy St Davids dairy milk by our experienced baristas.
Chai Latte$4.50
Flat White$4.50
Hot Chocolate$5.00
Iced Latte$4.50
Long Black$4.50
Short Black$4.50
Turkish Coffee$5.00
White Chocolate Mochachino$4.50

Single-Use Items


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