Mirai Sushi Menu Prices Australia

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Bento Box

Teriyaki chicken bento box$16.90
grilled salmond pack$14.90
Tempura chicken bento box$16.90
Teriyaki eel bento box$20.90
Tempura prawn bento box$18.90
Teriyaki salmon bento box$18.90
BBQ pork bento box$17.90
Teriyaki beef bento box$17.90
Salmon pack$14.90

Noodle Soup

You can choose ramen, udon, or rice noodle.
Tempura chicken noodle soup$17.90
Tempura prawn noodle soup$18.90
Teriyaki chicken noodle soup$17.90
Teriyaki beef noodle soup$17.90
Tempura prawn noodle soup (Noodle Soup)$18.90
Teriyaki salmon noodle soup$18.90
Gill eel noodle soup$20.90

Noodle Salad

Teriyaki chicken noodle salad$13.50
Teriyaki beef noodle salad$13.50
Tempura chicken noodle salad$14.50

Rice Bowl

BBQ pork rice bowl$12.90
Katsu (fried) chicken rice bowl$12.90
Teriyaki chicken rice bowl$12.90
Teriyaki beef rice bowl$12.90

Fried Rice with Meat

Teriyaki beef with fried rice$9.90
Teriyaki chicken rice bowl (Fried Rice with Meat)$9.90
Teriyaki salmon with fried rice$9.90
Japanese fried rice$8.90


Iced matcha green tea$8.90
Mango Aloe Vera$5.50
lychee Aloe Vera$5.50
Ice coffee$8.90
Green tea ice cream (One Scoop)$5.50
Green tea ice cream (Two Scoop)$7.00
Lemon ice tea$4.90
Peach ice tea$4.90
Ice chocolate$8.90
Hot Japanese green tea$3.50
Hot tea$3.50

Cold Rolls

Teriyaki chicken cold rolls$7.90
Teriyaki beef cold rolls$5.90
Prawn cold rolls$7.90
BBQ pork cold rolls$7.90

Party Platters

Vegetarian party platter
About 68 pieces.
Mixed party platter ((Small) About 40 Pieces)$69.00
Mixed party platter ((Larger) About 80 Pieces)$83.00
Deluxe party platter
About 60 pieces.

side dishes

3xChicken Spring rolls$7.90

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