Miss China Menu Prices Australia

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Soup Bombs

Diy Soup Bom
Simple as! Just choose and combine to taste the divine. All soup bomb broth is chicken-based with spring onions.

Miss China’s House Specials

Everyone has different tastes in my family. Slurp your way through some of our fave combos!
1. My China
Everyone loves bbq pork in 3205. Egg noodle, bbq pork, chilli wontons and bok choy with mild spice.
2. Bro-Knows
Excessive maybe, delicious, definitely. Egg noodle, beef, chicken, chinese broccoli and peas with mild spice.
3. Miss Sis
Light, refreshing soup with some crazy thrown in. Thin rice noodle, crazy spice with tofu, bok choy, mushroom, baby corn and peas.


Capi Yuzu Soda
Coke No Sugar$4.50
Capi Sparkling Mineral Water
Capi Still Mineral Water$4.50
Capi Flamin Ginger Beer$4.50
Capi Blood Orange Soda$4.50

Dumplings & Fried

Prawn and Chive
Went to flavour town.
Juicy Pork
Basically pork couture for your tastebuds.
Pork and Prawn Siu Mai
Respect the heritage yeah.
Chicken and Chicken
I repeat, this is not a typo.
Sweet Chilli Prawn
Ginger Prawn
An edible love letter to ginger.
‘red Hand’ Chilli Wonton
Shoutout to all the chilli fans.
Veggie Victory
Guilt-free and seriously tasty.
6-Inch Duck Spring Rolls
3pcs crunchy, crispy, extra-long.
Dibs Chicken Ribs
5pcs you won’t wanna share.

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