Miss Siam Menu Prices

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Roti Bread with Peanut Sauce$4.00
Miss Siam Fried Rice
Thai-style fried rice with egg, onion and Chinese broccoli
Green Curry
Main meal, rice need to be ordered separately.
Beef Massaman Curry
Slow braised beef with potato, onion and peanut. Main meal, rice need to be ordered separately.
Crispy Rice Salad
Crispy rice croquettes, chicken mince, shredded coconut, peanut and herb salad.


Vegetable Spring Roll$7.00
Golden Bag
Crispy golden bags stuffed with mince chicken and vegetable.
Curry Puff
Chicken and potato in a pastry shell.
Fish Cake$7.50
Louk Chin Bhing Grilled Pork Ball Skewers
Grilled pork ball skewers with nham jim.
Goong Hom Pha
Crispy wrapped prawns.
Thai Sago Dumplings
Steamed sago flour dumplings filled with sweet turnip and crushed peanuts.
Crispy Crumbed Prawn
Crispy Crumbed Prawn (4 pcs)
Tomyum Soup (Entree)
Small. Does not come with rice, please order rice separately.
Chicken Satay Skewer (Entree)
4 sticks of chicken satay skewers

Make Your Own Thai Style

Make Your Own Thai Style
Served on jasmine rice.

Rice and Noodles

Miss Siam Fried Rice (Rice and Noodles)$15.00
Jungle Fried Rice
Fried rice with egg, spicy paste, onion and Chinese broccoli.
Pineapple Fried Rice$15.00
Pad Kee Mao
Flat rice noodle, basil, chilli and seasonal vegetables.
Pad Thai$15.00
Pad Thai (Rice and Noodles)$15.00
Drop Rice Noodle
Drop rice noodle stir-fried with egg, veggies, dark soy and a bit of chilli.
Chicken Satay Skewer
Skewers served with steam rice, peanut sauce, mixed salad with cucumber, tomato, red onion and sweet vinegar dressing.

Miss Siam's Special

Moo Krob
Thai crispy pork belly, red sauce, boiled egg and rice.
Moo Krob (Miss Siam's Special)$15.90
Gai Yang
Marinated grilled chicken, nahm jim, boiled egg and rice.

Chef's Special

Pork belly with Chinese broccoli. Does not come with rice, please order rice separately.

Curries and Soup

Green Curry (Curries and Soup)$17.00
Panang Curry$17.00
Beef Massaman Curry (Curries and Soup)$20.00
Clear Soup
Small. Tofu and vegetable. Does not come with rice, please order rice separately.
Tomyum Soup (Main)
Tomyum soup (main size), rice need to be order separately


Nam Tok Salad
Spicy grilled beef, red onion and herb salad.
Nam Tok Salad (Salad)$14.00
Larb Salad
Spicy chicken mince, red onion and herb salad.
Glass Noodle
Glass noodle, prawns, chicken mince, red onion, chilli and lime dressing.
Crispy Pork Belly Salad$16.00
Crispy Pork Belly Salad (Salad)$16.00
Grilled Chicken Salad$16.00
Crispy Rice Salad (Salad)$16.00

Wok Tossed

Basil and Chilli$17.00
Cashew Nuts$17.00
Garlic and Pepper$17.00
Ginger and Chilli$17.00


Jasmine Rice$3.00
Brown Rice$4.00
Coconut Rice$4.00
Roti Bread with Peanut Sauce (Side)$4.00
Fried Egg$2.50


Housemade Thai Milk Tea
450 mL. Bottle.
375 mL.
Sparkling Water$4.50
Housemade Thai Lemon Tea
450mL bottle.

Single-Use Items


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