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Shaved Ice Desserts

Halo-Halo (Large)
Sweetened bananas, jackfruit, ube jam, egg flan, palm sugar fruit, coconut gel, coconut strings, white beans, sago, jellies, soft serve ice cream, milk syrup, shave ice
Halo-Halo (Regular)$13.50
Avocado Smash
'Avocado Con Yelo'
Avocado pulp, boba, graham, creme caramel soft serve, pistachio, rose petal, milk syrup, shave ice
Mango Mess
'Mangga Con Yelo'
Mango fruit and puree, boba, graham, meringue flakes, creme caramel soft serve, milk syrup, shave ice
Corn Craze
'Maiz Con Yelo"
Creamed corn, salted caramel popcorn, corn flakes, creme caramel soft serve, milk syrup, shave ice

Shaved Ice Drinks & Soft Serve

Chocolate Dinosaur
Iced chocolate milk, creme caramel soft serve, boba, marshmallow brulee, milo, peanut butter
Sarsi Float
Filipino root beer, creme caramel soft serve, chocolate sauce
Coconut Pandan Crusher
Pandan cream, boba, pandan jelly, milk syrup, shave ice, coconut meat
Pearls and Jelly Cooler
Sago, rainbow jelly, palm sugar mix, shave ice
Ube Soy Milk
Ube soy milk, palm sugar, boba, tofu mousse, shave ice

Warm Snack

3pcs. Mango Peach Pie$18.00

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