Mizuya Japanese Restaurant and Karaoke Menu Prices Australia

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Mentaiko Fried Rice$16.00
Teriyaki Chicken Roll$17.00
Assorted Sushi Roll Platter
Pease allow about an hour for preparation.
Crunchy Spider Roll$18.50
Vegetarian Roll$14.80


Pork Gyoza$11.00
Chicken Karaage$13.50
Chicken Karaage (Mains)$13.50
Prawn Tempura$11.50
Spicy Chicken Karaage$13.50
Silver Fish with Seaweed Salt$8.50
Pork Syumai$8.50
Wedges with Seaweed Salt$14.00
Takoyaki (Mains)$9.80
Takoyaki Cheese Gritin$14.80
Vegetarian Roll (Mains)$14.80
Grilled Eel Roll$19.80
Assorted Sushi Main$33.50
Assorted Sashimi Main$33.50
Assorted Sashimi Main (Mains)$33.50
Crunchy Spider Roll (Mains)$18.50
Volcano Roll$17.00
Crunchy Seared Salmon Roll$18.80
Crunchy Seared Salmon Roll (Mains)$18.80
Salmon Sashimi$13.50
California Roll$18.50
Eel Sushi
Five pieces.
Salmon Avocado Roll$17.00
Mentaiko Fried Rice (Mains)$16.00
Eel Fried Rice$18.00
Seafood Stir Fried Noodle$18.00
Teriyaki Chicken Roll (Mains)$17.00
Tempura Prawn Roll$17.00
Spicy Tuna Roll$17.00

Whole Day All Fresh

Assorted Sushi Seafood Nigiri Platter$75.00
Assorted Sushi Roll Platter (Whole Day All Fresh)$68.80
Assorted Sashimi Platter$125.00
Assorted Salad Platter
Vegetables, corns, tomatos, onions, and advocados. Pease allow about 30 minutes for preparation.

Single-Use Items


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