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Selection of Artisan bread gluten free, white, sourdough, rye. Turkish, wholemeal, and raisin. Served with butter and one choice of the following, honey peanut butter. strawberry jam, orange marmalade, and vegemite.
Eggs, Tomato, and Toast
Two eggs cooked your way. Served with grind tomato and toasted sourdough.
Ham and Cheese Croissant
Croissants with ham, cheese, and tomato slices.
Bacon and Egg Roll
Bacon and egg roll, cheese, rocket, and BBQ sauce.
Granola Bowl
Housemade granola of rolled oats, nuts, and seeds. Served with yogurt and fresh seasonal fruits.
Fruit Salad
Selection of freshly seasonal fruit with yogurt.
Green Breakfast Bowl
Two poached eggs, spinach, kale, avocado, and grilled chicken. Topped with sliced green apple.
Acai Bowl
Acai blended with coconut water, muesli, strawberries, banana, and kiwi fruit.
Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes
Pancakes served with blueberries, maple syrup or honey ice cream, and cream.
Belgium Waffles
Served with ice cream, fresh fruit, and maple syrup or nutella.
French Toast
Thick cut French toast. Served with maple syrup and ice cream.
Smashed Avocado
With poached egg, smashed avocado, and crumbled feat on toasted sourdough. Served with rocket and blistered cherry tomatoes.
TBig Breakfast
Bacon, two eggs cooked your way grilled tomato, mushrooms, pork sausage, and a hash brown. Served with toast.
Eggs Benedict
Poached eggs and leg ham on toasted English muffins. Topped wth hollandaise.
Ham, Cheese, and Spinach Omelette
A cheese omelette with leg ham and spinach.
Chorizo, Tomato, and Mushroom Omelette
A cheese omelette with chorizo, tomato, mushroom, and capsicum. Served with toast.

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