Molly Dene Bakehouse Menu Prices Australia

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Molly denes quiches are made with freshy cream.
Egg & Bacon$14.80
Spinach & Ricotta$14.80
Chicken & Chive$14.80
Tuna & Tomato$14.80
Asparagus & Mushroom$14.80
Carrot & Leek$14.80

Family Pies

Plain Steak$11.00
Steak & Mushroom$11.00
Steak & Potato$11.00
Steak, Tomato & Onion$11.00
Steak, Cheese & Bacon$11.00
Chicken & Corn$12.00

Savoury Rolls

Molly denes savoury rolls are made with the freshest ingredients and wrapped in puff pastry.
Spinach & Ricotta (Savoury Rolls)$3.80
Cauliflower Cheese$3.80
Lasagna Pumpkin & Pasta$3.80


Plain Steak (Pies)$3.80
Steak, Tomato & Onion (Pies)$3.80
Steak, Cheese & Bacon (Pies)$3.80
Steak & Mushrooms$3.80
Steak & Sweet Curry$3.80
Peppered Steak$3.80
Steak & Kidney$3.80
Steak & Potato (Pies)$3.80
Chicken & Corn (Pies)$4.00
Egg, Bacon, Tomato Quiche$3.80
Asparagus Mushroom Spinach Quiche$3.80
Pasties Meat$3.80
Pasties Veggie$3.80
Sausage Rolls$3.80

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