Momentea City Menu Prices Australia

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Moment Pearl Milk Tea
Large size.
Brown Sugar Boba Tea$6.90
Jasmine Pearl Milk Tea$6.90
Roasted Tea Latte
Large size and cold temperature.
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk$6.90

Lava Cake Series

Value Meal
Any 1 Cake + Any 1 Drink
Salty Egg Yolk Lava Cake
Dried Meat Floss + Salty Egg Yolk Cream Cheese
Marble Lava Cake
Brown Sugar Pearl + Cream Cheese + Black Sesame Cream Cheese
Dirty Lava Cake
Brown Sugar Pearl + Brown Sugar + Chocolate Powder + Coco Powder + Cream Cheese
Brown Sugar Lava Cake
Brown Sugar + Brown Sugar Pearl + Cream Cheese
Chilled Mango Lava Cake
Mango Juice + Konjac Jelly + Rainbow Jelly + Cream Cheese + Coconut Cream

Fresh Fruit Tea

Mango Jasmine Tea$6.90
Mango Peach Jasmine Tea$6.90
Mango Passion Jasmine Tea$6.90
Peach Oolong Tea$6.90
Lychee Oolong Tea$6.90
Orange Jasmine Tea$6.90
Lemon Jasmine Tea$6.90
Lemon Black Tea$6.90
Kiwi Jin Xuan Tea$6.90

Moment Milk Tea

Moment Pearl Milk Tea (Moment Milk Tea)$6.90
Moment Roasted Pearl Milk Tea$6.90
Roasted Oolong Pearl Milk Tea$6.90
Assam Pearl Milk Tea$6.90
Jasmine Pearl Milk Tea (Moment Milk Tea)$6.90
Ceylon Pearl Milk Tea$6.90
Candy Pearl Milk Tea$6.90

Starry Series

Honey Lemon Sunrise$6.90
Strawberry Sunset$6.90
Milky Way Latte with Red Bean$6.90
Apple Aurora$6.90

Milk Tea Latte

Matcha Latte$6.90
Taro Tea Latte$6.90
Roasted Tea Latte (Milk Tea Latte)$6.90
Chocolate Milk Latte$6.90

Brown Sugar Series

Brown Sugar Boba Tea (Brown Sugar Series)$6.90
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk (Brown Sugar Series)$6.90
Brown Sugar Pearl Soy Milk$6.90

Fruit Cheese Smoothie

Strawberry Cheese Smoothie$7.30
Peach Cheese Smoothie$7.30

Salty Cheese Tea

Jin Xuan Tea$6.10
Jasmine Tea$6.10
Roasted Oolong Tea$6.10
Ceylon Black Tea$6.10
Traditional Black Tea$6.10

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