Momiji Japanese Take Away Menu Prices Australia

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17. Ramen
Egg noodle soup and pork vegetables.
18. Goma Kara Ramen
Sesame and spicy ramen.
19. Spicy Ramen
Fine chilli powder and garlic ramen.
20. Kogashi Ninniku Ramen
Fried garlic ramen.
21. Tsukemen$12.00
22 Ramen & Mini Katsu Curry$13.00
23. Ramen Combo
Ramen, fried rice, two dumpling, two fried chicken and salad.
26. Sansai Udon$9.00
27. Yamaimo Udon
Yam, vegetables and udon.
28. Curry Udon
Beef curry and udon.
32. Chicken Katsudon Udon
Chicken schnitzel omelette and udon.
33. Tanuki Udon
Deep fried batter, tofu, vegetables and udon.
34 Ontama Udon
Soft boiled egg, vegetables and udon.
38. Spicy Udon
Fried chilli garlic sesame oil sauce and udon.
39. Tori Pon
Fried chicken, salad with lemon soy sauce and rice.
43. Tempura Tei
Prawn, fish vegetables tempura and rice.
44. Wagyu Yakiniku Tei
Stir fried wagyu beef, salad and rice.
45. Mini Karaage Combo
Small size rice, fried chicken, udon, and salad.


24. Tempura Udon
Prawn, vegetables tempura and udon.
25 Yasai Udon
Vegetables tempura, tofu and udon.
29. Katsu Curry Udon
Chicken schnitzel, beef curry and udon.
30. Karaage Udon
Fried chicken and udon.
31. Chicken Katsu Udon
Chicken schnitzel and udon.
35. Udon Combo
Any one dish from hot bar with rice and udon.
36. Kushi Kara Udon
Skewered fishcake, fried chicken and udon.
37. Hiyasi Udon
Cold udon with dashi sauce.
40. Tori Taru
Fried chicken, salad with tar tar mayonnaise and rice.
41. Wagyu Pon
Wagyu beef, salad with lemon soy sauce, sesame sauce and rice.
42. Katsu Tei
Chicken schnitzel, salad with sauce and rice (BBQ, miso or ponzu sauce).


1. Katsu-Don
Chicken schnitzel omelette topped on rice.
2. Oyako-Don
Chicken teriyaki omelette topped on rice.
3. Wagyu-Don
Wagyu beef sukiyaki topped on rice.
4. Wagyu Tama Don
Wagyu beef sukiyaki omelette topped on rice.
5. Una Don
Eel and omelette topped on rice.
6. Una Tama Don
Eel omelette topped on rice.
7. Karaage Don
Fried chicken topped on rice.
8. Kara Tama Don
Fried chicken omelette topped on rice.
9. Tori Don
Fried chicken and teriyaki sauce seaweed topped on rice.
10. Mayo Tori Don
Fried chicken and teriyaki sauce seaweed mayonnaise topped on rice.
11. Sauce Katsu Don
Chicken schnitzel with BBQ sauce topped on rice.
12. Miso Katsu Don
Chicken schnitzel with miso sauce topped on rice.
13. Ten Don
Prawn, fish vegetables tempura and sweet soy sauce topped rice.
14. Vege Don
Vegetables omelette topped on rice.
15. Omusoba
Yakisoba omelette, croquette, rice, and salad with BBQ sauce and mayonnaise.
16. Katsu Curry
Chicken schnitzel, Japanese beef curry and rice.

Featured Items

Mushroom & Vegetable Udon$10.00
Takana Ramen
Pickled cabbage.
Tonjiru Combo
Pork and vegetables miso soup and rice with any one dish from hot food bar.
Just Tonjiru Soup$2.00
Tan Tan Men
Pork mince spicy sesame paste noodles.
Karaage Ramen$9.00
Kyoto Style Light Flavour Soy Sauce Ramen$9.00
Chicken Katsu Ramen$9.00
Tonkotsu Ramen Curry Flavour$11.00
Wagyu Beef Teriyaki Don$12.00
Hiyashi Chuka
Cold noodles, chicken, salad with sesame sauce.


Don (Mini)$3.00
Katsu Curry (Mini)$4.00
Udon (Mini)$2.00

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