Momiji Japanese Takeaway Menu Prices Australia

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Mayo Tori Don
Fried chicken, teriyaki sauce, seaweed and mayonnaise topped on rice.
Bento Box
Fried chicken, chicken schnitzel, pork dumpling, octopus ball, spring roll, vegetable tempura, edamame, green seaweed, omelette, fishcake, rice and pickles.
Curry Udon
Beef curry and udon.
Chicken Schnitzel and Udon$9.00
Kara Tama Don
Fried chicken omelette on rice.


Bento Box (Mains)$18.00
Katsu Don
Chicken schnitzel omelette topped on rice.
Karaage Don
Fried chicken and salad topped on rice .
Mayo Tori Don (Mains)$9.50
Katsu Curry
Chicken schnitzel and Japanese beef curry with rice.
Karaage Udon
Fried chicken udon.
Egg noodles, soup, pork and vegetables.
Miso Katsu Don
Chicken schnitzel and salad with sauce topped on rice.
Chicken Schnitzel and Udon (Mains)$9.00
Wagyu Don
Wagyu beef sukiyaki topped on rice.
Curry Udon (Mains)$9.00
Uma Tama Don
Eel omelette topped on rice.
Kara Tama Don (Mains)$9.00
Sauce Katsu Don
Chicken schnitzel with barbecue sauce topped on rice.

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