Momokko Menu Prices Australia

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Boiled green beans lightly salted.
Chicken Karagae
Fried marinated chicken thigh served with mayo.
Agedashi Tofu
Deep fried tofu in sweet soy broth.
Spring Roll (4 Pieces)
Spinach, cheese and enoki mushroom.
Crispy Fried Vege (6 Pieces)$9.00
Crispy Prawn Gyoza (6 Pieces)$9.00
Takoyaki (6 Pieces)
Baby octopus balls with teriyaki sauce.
Japanese seafood pancake with sauce, mayo and bonito.
Deep fried eggplant with sweet miso sauce.
Mixed Tempura
Prawns and vegetables.
Vegetable Tempura
Mixed vegetables.
Salt & Pepper Calamari
Lightly salt and pepper battered fried calamari.
Salt & Pepper King Prawn
Lightly salt and pepper battered fried king prawn.


Seaweed Salad$7.00
Green Salad$9.00
Grilled Beef Salad$15.00
Sashimi Salad$17.00

Sushi & Sashimi

Fresh Salmon Sashimi$12.00
Assorted fish sashimi.
Salmon Sushi
Six pieces fresh salmon nigiri sushi.
Flame Grilled Salmon Aburi Sushi
Six pieces of flamed grilled sushi with mayo topping.
Grilled Mix Sushi
Three pieces salmon three pieces scallop sushi.
Assorted sushi.
Sushi & Sashimi Combo
Assorted fish sashimi 11 pieces and seven pieces sushi and four pieces mini rolls.

Main Menu

All served with rice, miso soup and salad.
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken
Grilled thigh fillet with special teriyaki sauce.
Chicken Karagae (Main Menu)$20.00
Sweet Chili Chicken
Fried chicken with sweet chili sauce.
Yakiniku Beef
Thinly sliced marinated scotch fillet stir fried with vege.
Teriyaki Salmon
Pan grilled salmon fillet served with special teriyaki sauce.
Chicken Katsu
Chicken breast covered in bread crumb and deep fried.
Miso Cream Salmon
Pan grilled with miso cream sauce.
Premium Wagyu Beef
Pan grilled wagyu with special teriyaki sauce.
Vegetable Tempura (Main Menu)
Vegetarian. Mixed vegetable lightly battered deep fried.
Mixed vegetables and prawn lightly battered and deep fried.
Don Katsu
Pork loin covered in bread crumb and deep fried.
Spicy Stir Fried Pork
Marinated thinly sliced spicy pork neck and belly.
Salt & Pepper Calamari (Main Menu)
Lightly salt and pepper battered calamari.
Salt & Pepper King Prawn (Main Menu)
Lightly salt and pepper battered king prawn.


8 pieces.
Vege Roll
Fresh avocado, carrot, cucumber, and mix leaf.
Tempura King Prawn Roll
Battered king prawn with Japanese mayonnaise.
Teriyaki Chicken Roll
Grilled thigh fillet with teriyaki sauce, avocado.
Tuna & Avo Roll
Cooked tuna and avocado.
Salmon & Avo Roll
Fresh salmon and avocado.
Volcano Roll
Spicy salmon flame grilled, avocado and crab meat.
California Roll
King prawn, crab, avocado, and fish roe.
Spider Roll
Soft shell crab, cream cheese, cucumber, and sesame seed.

Kids' Mini Roll

8 pieces.
Avocado Roll$6.00
Cooked Tuna Roll$6.00
Cucumber Roll$6.00
Salmon Roll$8.00


Tempura Chocolate
Two small pieces of deep fried tempura mars bar.
One cup size of Japanese ice cream.

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