Monfarville Bbq Chicken Menu Prices

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Potato Salad$5.50
Greek Salad$5.50
Garden Salad$5.50
Seafood Salad$6.50
Chicken Pasta$5.50
Chicken Caesar$5.50


Bacon & Egg Roll$4.50
Plain Hamburger$5.20
Hamburger with the Lot
Bacon, egg, cheese, and pineapple.
Portuguese Chicken Burger
Crumbed chicken, lettuce, mayo, cheese and chilli oil.
Chicken Schnitzel Burger$7.50
Fish Burger$7.90
Plain Steak Sandwich$6.90
Steak Sandwich with the Lot$9.50


Battered Fish$5.90
Crumbed Fish$5.90
Grilled Fish$6.00
Fish Cocktail$1.20
Calamari Ring$1.00
Crab Claw$2.00
Prawn Cutlet$2.00
Crab Stick$1.50
Fish Cake$2.50

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken$4.90

Seafood Packs

Fish & Chips
Battered, grilled or crumbed.
Fish & Chips & Salad$11.50
Snack Pack
3 fish cocktails, three calamari rings and chips.
Calamari Pack
6 calamari, chips and salad.
Seafood Lunch Pack
2 fish cocktails, two calamari, one prawn cutlet, one crab claw, one crab stick, chips and salad.
Seafood Basket
4 fish cocktails, four calamari, four prawn cutlets, four crab claws, medium chips, tartar sauce and 1.25 litre drink.
Seafood Banquet
4 battered fish, large chips, tartare sauce and 1.25 litre drink.

Chicken Packs

1/4 Chicken & Chips$7.90
1/2 Chicken & Chips$10.90
1/4 Chicken Pack
1/4 chicken, chips and salad.
1/2 Chicken Pack
1/2 chicken, chips and salad.
Chicken Nugget Pack
4 chicken nuggets, chips and poptop drink.
Grilled Chicken Pack
Two pieces of grilled marinated chicken, chips and salad.
Chicken Wrap
Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and sweet chilli sauce.

Hot Food

Chiko Roll$2.70
Spring Roll$2.70
Dim Sim$2.00
Potato Scallop$0.90
Battered Sav$2.50
Pineapple Fritter$2.00
Corn Jack$2.50
Chicken Souvlaki$3.00
Gravy (Small)$2.50
Chicken Nugget$0.80

Family Pack

Family Pack 1
One whole chicken, medium chips, medium salad, small gravy, 1.25 litre drink.
Family Pack 2
2 whole chicken, large chips, large salad, small gravy, 1.25 litre drink.



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