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Bakmi Ayam Jamur
Braised chicken and mushroom, egg, vegetables serve with egg noodle and meat balls soup.
Nasi Jawa
Javanese style lunch on plate. Martyrized chicken maryland. Fried and smashed. Smeared with mild balado sauce. Serve with steamed rice.
Bihun Goreng (GF)
Wok fried rice vermicelli with chicken and squid.
Ayam Asam Manis (GF)
Chicken pieces glazed with sweet and sour sauce, sunny side up fried egg, serve on top of the rice and with Asian coleslaw.
Bakmi Ayam Jamur Bakso$16.90


Mie Goreng Bali
Balinese style fried noodles with egg, chicken and squid.
Ayam Mercon
Spicy hot chicken breast pieces glazed with spicy padang style and serve with rice.
Kari Ayam Medan (GF)
Curry chicken with potato and sugar peas. Served with steamed rice.
Spring Roll (V)
Three pieces. Deep fried vegetarian spring roll.
Bihun Goreng (GF) (Mains)$9.90
Nasi Jawa (Mains)$15.90
Ayam Asam Manis (GF) (Mains)$15.90
Vegetarian Curry
Hearthy meal. Dhal, chickpeas, kidney beans cooked in simple vegetarian curry sauce and served with roti paratha.
Mie Kampoeng
Delicacy in Indonesian ordinary humble noodle, with beef, vegetable and egg. Cooked with perfection of taste only in Monggo.
Bakmi Ayam Jamur (Mains)$13.90
Bakmi Ayam Jamur Bakso (Mains)
Indonesian Fried Chicken
Indonesian ayam goreng, serve with spicy and mayonnaise, salad and yellow rice.
Mie Goreng Bali Veg (V)
Balinese style fried egg noodles with garlic, egg and vegetables.
Jakarta Nasi Goreng Veg (V)(GF)
Indonesias famous fried rice, with garlic, egg and vegetables.
Jimbaran Salmon Fish
Pan fried Salmon fillet, using the same sauce as in Jimbaran, Bali.
Serve with Semur potato and salad.
Ayam Penyet Sambal Balado
Indonesian fried chicken (maryland), with our homemade mild sambal balado, serve with rice.
add extra tofu and tempe.
Ayam Penyet Sambal Ijo
Indonesian Fried Chicken(maryland), with our homemade green chilli padang sauce ( sambal ijo Padang). serve with rice
Ayam Penyet Sambal Sunda Kemangi
Indonesian Fried Chicken (maryland), with our spicy sambal Sunda Kemangi(contain seafood), serve with rice
add extra tofu and tempe for complete experience of sunda meal.
Ayam Penyet Sambal Bawang
Indonesian Fried Chicken (maryland) , with Surabaya most famous sambal bawang. serve with rice
add extra tofu and tempe .
Ayam Kremes
Crispy Indonesian Fried Chicken maryland, with crispy flakes , sambal sunda kemangi and rice.
add extra tofu and tempe
Nasi Udang Surabaya
East Java favourite!! crispy local prawns on shells, serve with rice

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