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Chips With Gravy$9.80
Scallop Potatoes
Creamy scallop potatoes topped with bacon and cheese.
Chicken Dunk'Em Strips
Three home made chicken tenderloins crumbed and fried schnitzel style served with sweet chilli sauce (side chips or salad available).
Nuggets and Chips$9.50
Side Salad$5.00
Side Chips$5.50
Garlic Bread Roll$4.00


Chicken Caesar$18.90

Flame Grilled Ribs

American style pork ribs soaked in our homemade bbo marinade served with chips.
Flame Grilled Ribs (Family)$27.90
Flame Grilled Ribs (Large)$21.90
Flame Grilled Ribs (Small)$15.90

Flame Grill

Including chips or salad - additional charge for both.
Chicken Wings (Chips)
12-15 pieces flame grilled chicken wings marinated in herb and garlic.
Chicken Wings (Chips And Salad)$26.90
Chicken Wings (Salad)$23.90
Mixed Flame Grill (Chips)
Lamb and chicken skewers, 150 grams steak and sausage flame grilled.
Mixed Flame Grill (Chips And Salad)$32.90
Mixed Flame Grill (Salad)$29.90
Porterhouse (Chips)
300 grams steak topped with either mushroom sauce or gravy steaks cooked strictly 'medium' only for take away.
Porterhouse (Chips And Salad)$35.90
Porterhouse (Salad)$32.90


All the pizzas come with tomato & cheese base.
1. Marinara Small 9"
Prawns and smoked mussels (anchovies optional).
1. Marinara Large 13"$19.90
1. Marinara Fam 15"$27.50
2. B'S Special Small 9"
Hot salami, mushroom, capsicum and onion.
2. B'S Special Large 13"$18.50
2. B'S Special Fam 15"$26.90
3. Vegetarian Small 9"
Mushroom, capsicum, onion, olives and oregano.
3. Vegetarian Large 13"$18.90
3. Vegetarian Fam 15"$26.90
4. Aussie Small 9"
Ham, bacon & egg.
4. Aussie Large 13"$18.90
4. Aussie Fam 15"$26.90
5. House Special Small 9"
Ham, mushroom, prawns and pineapple.
5. House Special Large 13"$18.90
5. House Special Fam 15"$26.90
6. American Small 9"
Ham and salami.
6. American Large 13"$18.90
6. American Fam 15"$26.90
7. Capricciosa Small 9"
Ham, mushroom and olives (anchovies optional).
7. Capricciosa Large 13"$18.90
7. Capricciosa 15"$26.90
8. Dano'S Special Small 9"
Hot salami, mushroom, capsicum and anchovies.
8. Dano'S Special Large 13"$18.90
8. Dano'S Special Fam 15"$26.90
9. Margherita Small 9"
Cheese, oregano and garlic.
9. Margherita Large 13"$17.90
9. Margherita Fam 15"$24.90
10. The Lot Small 9"
Ham, mushroom, capsicum, onion, olives, hot salami, prawns and pineapple.
10. The Lot Large 13"$18.90
10. The Lot Fam 15"$26.90
11. Pepperoni Small 9"
Hot salami.
11. Pepperoni Large 13"$16.90
11. Pepperoni Fam 15"$26.90
12. Hawaiian Small 9"
Ham and pineapple.
12. Hawaiian Large 13"$18.90
12. Hawaiian Fam 15"$26.90
13. Meat Lovers Small 9"
Ham, hot salami, bacon and mince meat (bbq optional).
13. Meat Lovers Large 13"$18.90
13. Meat Lovers Fam 15"
Ham, hot salami, bacon and minced meat (bbq optional).
14. Chicken Small 9" (Regular Chicken)
Satay or tandoori.
14. Chicken Small 9" (Satay Chicken)$15.90
14. Chicken Small 9" (Tandoori Chicken)$15.90
14. Chicken Large 13" (Regular Chicken)$18.90
14. Chicken Large 13" (Satay Chicken)$20.90
14. Chicken Large 13" (Tandoori Chicken)$20.90
14. Chicken Fam 15" (Regular Chicken)$26.90
14. Chicken Fam 15" (Satay Chicken)$29.90
14. Chicken Fam 15" (Tandoori Chicken)$29.90
15. Aloha Small 9"
Chicken and pineapple.
15. Aloha Large 13"$18.90
15. Aloha Fam 15"$26.90
16. Italiano Small 9"
Hot salami, mushroom, capsicum, bacon, prawns and olive.
16. Italiano Large 13"$18.90
16. Italiano Fam 15"$21.90
17. Mexican Small 9"
Hot salami, capsicum, onion, olives and chilli.
17. Mexican Large 13"$18.90
17. Mexican Fam 15"$26.90
18. Napolitana Small 9"
Cheese, olives and anchovies.
18. Napolitana Large 13"$18.90
18. Napolitana Fam 15"$26.90
19. Sam'S Special Small 9"
Ham, hot salami, mushroom, anchovies and pineapple.
19. Sam'S Special Large 13"$18.90
19. Sam'S Special Fam 15"$26.90
20. Bacon Special Small 9"
Bacon, onion and egg.
20. Bacon Special Large 13"$18.90
20. Bacon Special Fam 15"$26.90
21. Garlic and Cheese Small 9"$13.50
21. Garlic and Cheese Large 13"$17.50
21. Garlic and Cheese Fam 15"$24.50
22. 3 Cheese Garlic Pizza Small 9"
Garlic base topped with feta, mozzarella and parmesan.
22. 3 Cheese Garlic Pizza Large 13"$18.90
22. 3 Cheese Garlic Pizza Fam 15"$19.50
23. Garlic, Cheese and Bacon Small 9"$11.90
23. Garlic, Cheese and Bacon Large 13"$17.90
23. Garlic, Cheese and Bacon Fam 15"$25.50

Gourmet Pizza

Allen'S Special Small 9"
Tomato, cheese, sun-dried tomato, hoy salami, olives, feta and fresh tomato.
Allen'S Special Large 13"$24.90
Bolognese Small 9"
Cheese, spaghetti and bolognese sauce.
Bolognese Large 13"$24.90
Rustica Small 9"
Roasted eggplant, onion, capsicum, fresh tomato, olives and basil.
Rustica Large 13"$24.90
Super Seafood Small 9"
Scallops, smoked mussels, prawns, anchovies and garlic.
Super Seafood Large 13"$24.90
Chorizo Pizza Small 9"
Chorizo, pumpkin, spinach, feta cheese, sprinkle of paprika and pine nuts.
Chorizo Pizza Large 13"$24.90
Monta Special Small 9"
Virginia ham, chorizo, bacon, salami with a drizzle of bbq sauce.
Monta Special Small 13"$24.90
Salty Pig Small 9"$18.40
Salty Pig Large 13"$24.90
Greek Style Small 9"
Special marinated lamb shoulder cooked with red onion and fresh tomato topped with tzatziki sauce.
Greek Style Large 13"$24.90
Potato Pizza Small 9"
Scallop potato, onion, bacon topped with mozzarella cheese.
Potato Pizza Large 13"$24.90
Trump Small 9"
Ham, hot salami, red onion, chilli & jalapenos.
Trump Large 13"$24.90

Chicken Parmas

Served with chips or salad extra for both. All parmas are homemade 100% chicken breast by us from scratch.
Traditional (Chips)
Chicken schnitzel topped with napoli sauce and melted mozzarella.
Traditional (Chips And Salad)$31.90
Traditional (Salad)$28.90
Hawaiian (Chips)
Chicken schnitzel topped with napoli sauce, virginia ham, pineapple and mozzarella.
Hawaiian (Chips And Salad)$32.90
Hawaiian (Salad)$29.90
Mexican (Chips)
Chicken schnitzel topped with napoli sauce, hot salami, olives and mozzarella.
Mexican (Chips And Salad)$32.90
Mexican (Salad)$29.90
Bolognese (Chips)
Chicken schnitzel topped with bolognese sauce, bacon and mozzarella.
Bolognese (Chips And Salad)$32.90
Bolognese (Salad)$29.90
Chicken Schnitzel (Chips)
No sauce or cheese, just our tasty homemade schnitzel.
Chicken Schnitzel (Chips And Salad)$27.90
Chicken Schnitzel (Salad)$24.90


700ml container.
Homemade traditional sauce.
Tomato, onion, basil and garlic.
Bacon, cream, cheese and parsley.
Bacon, onion, capsicum, chilli and napoli sauce.
Pollo Funghi
Chicken fillet pieces, spring onion, garlic and mushroom in a tasty white sauce.
Mixed vegetables cooked in a napoli sauce with herbs and garlic.
Hot salami, olives, spring onion, garlic, chili and napoli sauce.
Pan tossed mixed seafood, garlic and cream sauce.
Chicken fillet pieces, curry, mushroom and prawns in tomato and cream sauce.
Pan tossed mixed seafood, garlic and napoli sauce.
Lasagne Traditional
Homemade bolognese, napoli sauce and cheese.
Janna'S Special
Hot salami, onion, prawns and mushroom in a mixture of napoli and cream sauces.
Mushroom, spring onion, chicken mixed in three sauces (cream, napoli and tandoori).
Creamy Pesto Pasta
Cream, pesto, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper reduced to give you this traditional italian taste.

Main Meals

All main meals served with chips or salad. Additional charge for both.
Chicken Forta (Chips)
Chicken breast fillet topped with bacon capsicum in a napol based sauce (chill optional).
Chicken Forta (Chips And Salad)$32.90
Chicken Forta (Salad)$29.90
Chicken Monta Verde (Chips)
Chicken breast topped with cashew nuts in a creamy cheese sauce.
Chicken Monta Verde (Chips And Salad)$32.90
Chicken Monta Verde (Salad)$29.90
Chicken Scaloppini (Chips)
Chicken fillet strips topped with a creamy mushroom, garlic and bacon sauce.
Chicken Scaloppini (Chips And Salad)$32.90
Chicken Scaloppini (Salad)$29.90


Chicken Curry Risotto
Chicken, mushroom and onion in a creamy curry sauce.
Chicken Risotto
Served with semi sundried tomato, spinach, mushroom and spring onion in a creamy sauce.
Seafood Risotto$22.90
Lima Risotto
Hot salami, onion, prawns and mushroom toasted with napoli sauce and creamy sauce.

Seafood From The Kitchen

Served with chips or salad. Additional charge for both.
Seafood Basket (Chips)
Fish, calamari, scallops, prawns all battered and fried.
Seafood Basket (Chips And Salad)$29.90
Seafood Basket (Salad)$26.90
Fried Calamari (Chips)
Numerous super tender crumbed calamari.
Fried Calamari (Chips And Salad)$28.90
Fried Calamari (Salad)$25.90
Garlic Or Chilli Prawns (Chips)
King prawns cooked in a creamy garlic sauce or tomato based chilli sauce on a bed of rice.
Garlic Or Chilli Prawns (Chips And Salad)$35.90
Garlic Or Chilli Prawns (Salad)$32.90


Aurora Gelato 500ml$9.60
Kitkat Pizza
Chocolate, marshmallow, cream and banana. Lge.
Gelato Mini$4.90
Chocolate Mousse$8.20
Cake Of The Day$9.40


Soft Drink 1. 25L$7.90
Lemon, Lime and Bitters$5.90
Glass Coke Bottle$5.90


Deal 1
Large traditional pizza + pasta +garlic bread roll + 1. 25lt soft drink.
Deal 2
2 large traditional pizzas + small garlic & cheese pizza + 1. 25 lt soft drink.
Deal 3
2 pastas + garlic bread roll+ 1. 25 soft drink.

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