My Hangry Girlfriend Menu Prices Australia

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Loaded Chippery Fries

Angel Face
Pulled pork, melted cheese and ranch sauce on a bed of beer battered fries.

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Tree Hugger Lover (VG)
Loaded vegan fries. Hummus, gherkin relish, diced onion, jalapenos and vegan aioli.

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The Undeciders

My Little Bird
Chicken parmigiana wrap with chilli sin carne, chipotle, avocado, ranch sauce, pico de gallo and melted cheese.

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Dirty Dove
Beef burger with American cheese, crispy maple bacon, maple aioli and poutine fries.

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Hey Sweet Thang

You're Out of This World
Mars bar deep fried, vanilla ice cream, sprinkles and chocolate sauce. Dessert.

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Strange Love
Choice of Flavour
Smoked Cola 0
Double Ginger Beer 0
Lemon Squash 0
Cloudy Pear 0
Holy Grapefruit 0

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