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Sandwich Only$4.71


25 Finger Tailgate
8 Cane's Sauces Included With Each Order.
100 Fingers$98.39
50 Finger Tailgate
16 Cane's Sauces Included with Each Order or 22 oz. Cup.
75 Fingers$78.58
75 Finger Tailgate
25 Cane's Sauces Included With Each Order or 32 oz. Cup.
50 Fingers$53.52
100 Finger Tailgate
33 Cane's Sauces Included With Each Order or (2) 22 oz. Cups.
25 Fingers$32.41

Popular Items

The 3 Finger Combo$7.26
The Box Combo
4 chicken fingers, fries, coleslaw, cane's sauce, Texas toast and regular drink - 22 Ounces
The Caniac Combo$12.13
The Sandwich Combo
3 chicken fingers, cane's sauce, lettuce, Kaiser roll, fries and regular drink - 22 Ounces
The Kids Combo
Two chicken fingers, fries, cane's sauce, kids drink - 12 Ounces and activity.


Chicken Finger$1.30
Cane's Sauce$0.46
Crinkle-Cut Fries$1.81
Honey Mustard$2.89
Texas Toast$0.96
840 cal.


Freshly Squeezed Lemonade$1.10
Fountain Drink$1.85
Sweet or unsweet.
Fountain Drinks$1.14
Sweet Tea
1 gallon.
Bottled Water$1.98
Half Tea and Half Lemonade$2.30
Half Unsweet Tea and Half Sweet Tea
Freshly-brewed all day.
The Jug - Sweet Tea$5.40
Jug Lemonade
1610 cal.
Jug Unsweet Tea
0 Cal.

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