Skylight Nepalese Street Food Menu Prices Australia

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Small Meals

Aloo Nimki
Medium spicy potato medley served with crispy pastry and bhuja mix.

- -

Piro Aloo
Nepali style spicy potatoes served with toasted beaten rice.

- -

From the Steamer (Jhol Mo:Mo)

Chicken Mo:Mo
10 pieces. Nepali chicken dumplings served with thin sesame and coriander sauce with a touch of homemade hot sauce.

- -

Vegetable Mo:Mo
Potato and onion dumpling served with sesame and coriander sauce with a touch of homemade hot sauce.

- -

From the Wok

Chicken or Vegetable Chow Mein
Nepali style dry noodles served with Nepali pepper sauce.

- -

Chicken or Vegetable Fried Rice
Nepali style dry fried rice served with black chickpeas and Nepali pepper sauce.

- -

Buffalo Chow Mein
Stir fried buffalo strips with dry noodles and Nepali pepper sauce.

- -

Chilli Lovers

Chicken Chilli
Chicken pieces marinated in Nepali spices and stir fried with veggies and chilli sauce.

- -

Buffalo Chilli
Thinly cut buffalo slices crisp stir fried with chilli sauce and herbs.

- -

Paneer Chilli
Stir fried cottage cheese with veggies and chilli sauce.

- -

C Mo:Mo: Chicken
Stir fried dumplings cooked with Nepali chilli sauce and herbs.

- -

C Mo:Mo: Vegetable
- -

From the Frier

Fried Chicken Sausages
Three skewers in a serve.

- -

Timur Aloo
Stir fried potatoes cooked with diced garlic and finished with Nepali spice powder.

- -

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