Wahlburgers Menu Prices USA

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Freshly made.
Coleslaw Salad
Greek Salad$6.60


Combo comes with regular chips and can drink.
Olympiad Burger
Fish fillet, tomato, lettuce, and tartare sauce.
Odyssey Burger
Fish fillet, coleslaw and seafood sauce.
Beef Burger
Homemade beef patty, tomato, lettuce, and BBQ or tomato sauce.
Chicken Burger
Fresh chicken breast fillet, tomato, lettuce, and mayo sauce.
Outrigger Burger
Calamari rings, lettuce and tartare sauce.

Meal Packs

With lemon, sauce and salt.
Chicken Nugget Pack
6 chicken nuggets and small chips.
Ocean Food Pack
2 fish cocktail, two calamari rings, one seafood stick and small chips.
Crab Stick Pack
4 seafood sticks and small chips.
Calamari Pack
8 calamari rings and small chips.
Fish & Chips
1 fish fillet and small chips.
Fish Cocktail Pack
6 fish cocktails and small chips.
Prawn Pack
5 prawn cutlets and small chips.
Masters Choice
2 fish cocktails, two calamari rings, two prawn cutlets, two sea scallops and small chips.
Seafood Pack
1 fish fillet, two calamari rings, two prawn cutlets and small chips.
Junior Pack
1 fish cocktail, one calamari rings, one prawn, one seafood stick and chips.

Family Meals

With lemon, sauce and salt.
Ocean Platter
2 fish fillets, six fish cocktails, 10 calamari rings and large chips.
Fisherman Basket
2 fish fillets, four calamari rings, four prawn cutlets, four sea scallops and large chips.
Family Packs
15 fish cocktails, 15 calamari rings and large chips.
Dinner Pack
4 fish fillets, 12 calamari rings and large chips.


Chicken Nugget (5 Pieces)$4.40
Potato Scallop$1.10
Calamari Ring$1.35
Spring Roll$1.65
Pineapple Fritter$1.65
Fish Cocktail$1.90
Seafood Stick$1.90
Sea Scallop$2.75
Onion Ring (5 Pieces)$2.20
Crab Claw$2.55
Prawn Cutlet$2.75
Banana Fritter$2.75
Fish Fillet$8.25

Barramundi/Perch Fillet

Grilled or fried.
Barramundi Fillet$12.00
Perch Fillet$12.00




Water (600ml. Bottle)$2.40

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